Pastor Reno OmokriNumber one bestselling author and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri has debunked the claims by the publisher of Sahareporters, Omoyele Sowore who alleged that the former president gave the Jigawa state Governor, Badaru N200m to buy the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential nomination form for him.

Omokri, who is currently in Israel on a pilgrimage said the claim is a tissue of lies from the imagination of the peddler.

According to him, similar fake claims were made against Jonathan during the 2015 elections and that Nigerians believed the claims then and voted Jonathan out of power, a move he said Nigerians have come to regret.

In a video, Omokri also said that similar claims were made against him and that the blackmail, as he described it, almost ruined his life.

He therefore called on Nigerians not to believe the  claims against Jonathan, saying the claims are complete lies.

According to him, “I’m currently on a pilgrimage in Israel and I don’t always have internet on my phone. So, I’m only just seeing the story alleging that former president Jonathan gave N200m to Jigawa state Governor, Badaru to buy the APC presidential nomination form for him and that he (Jonathan) deceived Nigerians and the public. This is typical of Omoyele Sowore. Such lies are only intended to blackmail.”

 “He blackmailed me, told lies about me before and almost ruined my life. I had to go to court in the United States. I lost weight and looked like a patient that was in the end stage of HIV Aides because of the lies he told about me. And its not just me, he’s done it to several people.”

“Remember in 2020, when the ‘#EndSARS’ was on, he tried to hijack EndSARS with his ‘#Revolution Now’ shenanigans and then, when it didn’t work, he came out and floated the story and said that those behind EndSars had collected bribe from the Buhari administration and we said that was not true. I came out and challenged him again in a video and those who were at the forefront of EndSARs challenged him to come up with evidence.”

“Now, he wants to run for president and he has deluded himself to think that he has a chance so, all this is, he is going to attack anybody that he believes or suspects wants to run. That (Jonathan picking form) is an absolute lie. He said that former president Jonathan was drunk and fell down and that’s why he could not address the African Union. He said that former president Jonathan travelled to the United Nations with 600 delegation. Don’t take my word for it; just Google all these things I’m telling you.

“He listed five different ailments that he said former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan had; he lied that Jonathan gave out gold-plated iPhones to guest at his daughter’s wedding, which were all lies! He now put a photo shopped photos and Nigerians believed him.”

“Those stories were part of what Nigerians believed and they made them vote out former president Jonathan and brought in Muhammadu Buhari. Look at the result.

“And he came out and said that he did not have a hand in bringing Muhammadu Buhari. He went to a radio station in Ibadan where he now boasted that he brought president Muhammadu Buhari into power and that Buhari rode on his back to power.”

“If you read that story, he said a source because he could not name anybody and because it is a complete tissue of lies!

“Former president Jonathan was as shocked as anybody about that story I was in touch with him; I was speaking with him on video calls; We were scampering; we wanted to find out who those people (the quoted sources) were and then, the Jigawa state Governor himself, is he not running for president? Has he not bought an APC presidential nomination form?

“Nigerians should not forget what this man did in 2014/2015 with his propaganda. Nigerians should not allow this man to repeat it again.

Omokri said the claims about Jonathan are a complete tissue of lies, saying further that “Enough is enough.”

watch the video below:

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