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A woman is incomplete without marriage – Uchenna Uba

Up and coming Actress and Scriptwriter Uche Uba started her acting odyssey in 2010  and has since then gone further to produce her first movie. The beautiful Anambra indigene in this interview shares her story.


Who is Uche Uba?  I’m an actress and a  scriptwriter. I’m from Anambra State, I’m 25 years old. I’m a graduate of Mass Communications from Federal Polytechnic, Anambra. I’m also a producer; I recently produced my first movie ‘My Sister’s Asset’

Uchenna Ubah
Uchenna Ubah

Why did you decide to go into production?

As an actress, I know what is happening in the industry, I know for a fact that producers make more money than actors, so I decided to give it a trial. So far, being a producer has been good; it turned out to be what I hoped for. My first production was successful, although it wasn’t easy at all.

What are some of the challenges you faced producing the film?

Finance was a big challenge, although I wrote the story myself and didn’t have to pay a scriptwriter. I had to pay actors, and getting funds wasn’t easy. Also, editing and post production was quite challenging but above all, the film came out well. Although it is not in the market yet, it is on YouTube.

What is the review on YouTube like so far?

People actually love the movie because it is more of a comedy film. The views are amazing and the comments I get are very encouraging.

What is your assessment of the Nollywood industry?

The industry is growing, we are entertaining people and they appreciate us. In few years, I’m sure we would be competing with Hollywood. We have good stories and actors are doing really well. These days people watch more of Nollywood movies, especially in the cinemas. Even outside the country, people watch our movies online, so we are doing well.

Do you belong to any association in the industry?

I’m an Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) member, Anambra chapter.

What is this association doing to make the industry better?

I’m a member of the Anambra chapter but I work in Asaba because I have my work permit. Whenever I go to location to shoot, AGN committees will come to inspect the set to see if all actors are registered, whoever is not registered would not be allowed to act and that is a very good thing to do.

There was a time when amateur directors and actors that were not registered would put together all sorts of things, in the name of home videos and put them online. These things have negative effects on us as an industry, AGN, however took it upon themselves to eradicate such people from the industry.

What were some of your pains while starting out in the industry?

I was always very afraid when I first started acting, I knew in my heart that I could do it but I was always nervous when I get on set, especially when  paired with an A-list actor. Also, there were times when I went for auditions and I would get feedbacks that I was successful and eventually I would not be called for the shoot or anything and the movie would be released. Directors gave roles based on sentiments and not to people who deserved it. However, things changed for me when I started meeting people and garnering contacts.

Do you have a project you are working on?

I’m working on a personal project, it is a season movie and I will be featuring so many actors in it. I’m still on the first stage of production; I’m in the scriptwriting process.

People are of the opinion that actresses are promiscuous, how true is this?

I can’t talk for everybody but not all actresses are promiscuous. People see us in this light because of our job, they tend to forget that what we do is make-believe and as professionals we must do it well.

Why do actresses live beyond their means?

I don’t think it’s just actresses; it happens everywhere, everyone that pretends will definitely live above their income.

Do you think social media influence should be a measure of wealth?

First of all, whatever you see on social media is a scam. For example, before I go on set a costumier will dress me up, a makeup artist will make me up and I will also have my pictures taken, I will eventually post the picture on social media, does that mean I’m the owner of the clothes and all? If you judge by what you see on social media, you will end up being disappointed, because people posts what they want you to see. I like to meet people before passing judgement.

How do you deal with competition in the industry?

I don’t believe in competition because the industry is big enough for everyone to excel. Every day I try to learn new things and I also learn from other actors, I see it as doing well on my job and not a competition. Once you are good at what you do, people will call you for jobs and you won’t have a problem.

Who do you admire in the industry?

I love Mercy Johnson Okojie so much, she is good luck, and I don’t regret admiring her.

Tell us about your relationship?

I’m not married yet but I’m in a relationship.

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that a woman is incomplete without marriage, what’s your take on this?

I’m an Igbo girl and with the way I was brought up, I agree that a woman is incomplete without marriage. Regardless of how much a woman makes or her level of success, she is incomplete without a husband, but that does not mean a woman has to rush into marriage because of this.

How and when did your journey into acting begin?

That will be in 2010, I was doing a part-time course in Awka at the time. I attended an audition and was given a minor role of a bartender. I was so excited about the experience because it was a dream come true. I kept on going for auditions and eventually I got a role for my second movie but when it was time to shoot I was placed on a condition to sleep with the director before I would be given my script.

I was disappointed at this and I cried so hard, the executive producer of the movie saw me crying and I told him about what had happened, eventually I was given my script and instead of appearing in about six scenes only, I appeared in over fourteen scenes and here I am today.


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