In an era of fake news and distorted information, the need to have access to factual, reliable and balanced news cannot be overemphasized.


YANS.NG is an emerging media outlet that delivers news content cutting across different categories such as local, foreign, politics, business, technology, gossip, entertainment, and sports.

The news outlet has in its employment seasoned journalists and reporters who deploys a high level of professionalism in providing news items that are factual, balanced and unbiased, taking into consideration the need to use simple English that can be understood by all.

To obtain detailed information about happenings, YANS.NG interviews individuals, celebrities, government institutions, corporate and government bodies. They provide documentary services to keep users informed about events, historical places, individuals and personalities.

These interviews and documentaries are based on immediacy, spontaneity and on topical issues.

YANS.NG is uniquely different from its competitors because it deploys short videoclips and infographics to transmit its news items and other useful materials to its viewers.

The news outfit has Independence, Impartiality, Integrity and Public Interest as its editorial values.

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