1. …Says 32yrs ago Buhari jailed Ekwueme and 32yrs later, Ekwueme dies in Buhari’s hands
  2. …Says no Cattle colony for any herdsman in South-East
  3. …Says Audu Ogbe should take herdsmen to Sambisa, give them colony there
  4. …Says its shame to Nigeria not having panadol at state house clinic
  5. … Senate should make laws to stop political cross-carpeting
  6. …Says Igbos are hard-working people, must be united, recognised and not marginalised
  7. …Asks politicians to invest in youths through employment
  8. …Says Governors should stop blowing sirens
  9. …Asks Governors to eradicate poverty in their states
  10. …Says anybody above 65yrs should not be presidents in Nigeria but consultants
  11. …Says all politicians who are from 65-70yrs should retire

Archbishop Chukwuma, at EKWUEME’s burial, blows hot on politicians, ask Buhari to retire.

He also said no to herdsmen and asked them to go to sambisa forest with their private business.

The bishop also said other things. Listen to him.

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