…..Get a driver to help you move anything, anywhere, in minutes

After a successful beta web app with over 500 users, truQ, a vehicle-on-demand platform for seamless logistics, launches a hybrid (Web & mobile) experience to offer faster connection to drivers to help users move conveniently and at pocket-friendly rates.

Hailed as Nigeria’s ‘Uber for trucks’, truQ helps individuals and businesses find moving vans, minivans, or trucks by matching them to the closest available driver. With the app, users can sign up by themselves and book a trip on-demand all within a few minutes.

The app is user-friendly and convenient to use and driven by over two years of research in logistics which was characterized by a manual system of booking trips.

“ In 2020, we made over 300 moves. We are just halfway into 2021 and we have helped people make over 1000 moves and twice that number in deliveries. In a continent where everyone is making endless audacious moves, we want to help them make those moves happen, as seamlessly as possible!”, says Williams Fatayo, CEO and co-founder of truQ.

“ Imagine you urgently need to move your deep freezer from the store where you bought it, to your house. At that very moment, you need a vehicle to get to you in 30 minutes or less. This is why we built truQ, to have vehicles to help you move your items on demand, wherever you are”, He continued.

From inception, truQ’s mission has been to ensure that the process of logistics is as seamless and stress-free as possible. This process began with phone calls connecting people who needed to move items with drivers who could help them do it. Then, a web-based application was launched to further facilitate this process and make it more seamless. Now,with the truQ app, users can now book trips directly from their phones without the help of a third party.

“One of the key challenges to logistics in Nigeria is that while there are vehicles all over that could help individuals move their items, people do not know where they are, especially when it is urgent,” Mr. Fatayo continued. “The drivers, as well, do not even know people who want to move are looking for them. We have identified this barrier and broken it down. Now, no matter where you are, you can book a truQ with your phone and get a vehicle at your doorsteps in minutes.

“Same goes for businesses shipping large items to their customers or themselves. It is either the vehicles they own are insufficient in servicing their logistics needs or they do not even own any at all, hence, are left at the mercy of random vehicle owners with their price fluctuations and their usually poor service quality. These are the problems we are solving at truQ.”

Committed to building a better logistics experience for individuals and businesses, the truQ app is a welcome innovative solution dedicated to eliminating stress, helping people save money and supporting the growth of commerce in Nigeria.

Since the launch of truQ in 2019, the tech company has helped more than 1000 individuals and businesses move items with ease. The company has raised $50,000 in investments, both cash and in kind.

About the truQ App

The truQ app is a web and mobile application that leverages technology to help people move items seamlessly across Lagos and other states in Nigeria. With the app, users can book any sized vehicle from their phones and get a driver assigned to them in record time.

With just a phone number, name, and password, you can sign-up seamlessly on the truQ and start booking.

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