Pastor Reno OmokriNumber one bestselling author and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, pastor Reno Omokri has urged an angry Nigerian to channels his anger towards the current government over the rising inflation in the country.

Pastor Omokri also urged the angry Nigerian, including others, to rather support a candidate that will bring solutions to the many challenges plaguing Nigerians.

A video clip,,  circulating on social media has an angry Nigerian complaining about the high cost of diesel.

In the video, the visibly angry Nigerian is seen lamenting the high cost of commodities in Nigeria.

He said a litre of Diesel is now N800. According to him, he could not work with his vehicle because a 25 litres of Diesel that usually cost N6000 naira before now costs about N20, 000 naira.

He said it has become difficult to make profit buying diesel at that amount.

“If you buy diesel at that amount, how will you make profit?”

“And what makes me angrier is that the APC still has the effrontery to campaign for another chance at presidency.”

The Nigerian, however, blamed Pastor Omokri, noting that the former presidential aide is rather abroad and not in Nigeria to experience the hardship that Nigerians are experiencing.

However, in a video response, Omokri replied saying he is equally being affected by the happenings in the country and that the current hardship was brought upon Nigerians by the Buhari-led administration.

He told the angry Nigerian not to blame him but join forces with him to vote in what he descried as credible candidate who will bring lasting solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

According to Omokri, “anger must be directed positively or it will lead to danger.”

Omokri said “why are we in this hardship? Is it not this Buhari government that caused it?”

“let us channel our anger to the right direction. Let us not direct our anger towards people who are bringing solution to the problems.

He said “price of diesel has become high because the Buhari government has borrowed so much that the country has a debt of about 50 trillion naira.”

“So, we should look for a person that has the solution to our problems. When Obasanjo and Atiku were in government, they paid all our debts. That was why Diesel was very cheap during their administration.”

“That is why I am saying let us bring back Atiku whom Nigerians enjoyed surplus food and cheap diesel and dollar at N88 naira during the Obasanjo and Atiku administration.”

“It is good that we bring him back so he can do what they did before by repairing our country.”

“So, if you are angry, I too I’m angry. Let us channel our anger to Buhari , Tinubu and the APC administration who brought this hardship upon us and not on people trying to bring solutions to our troubles,” Omokri concluded.

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