Ponzi scheme, Twinkas has made a daunting come-back, with a package, TwinKAS Re-branded which will be officially launched on the13th of November 2017.

Registration opens on the 8th of November for Newbies. We have improved the system by deploying NUBAN Account Verification Robot (NAVRobot), the provision of TwinKAS Single Account (TSA), Reward on system demand from 40% – 50% ROI, Free online shopping with TKs currency only, Tukox Trading with foreign currency, an advanced E-wallet, money wire, Logical Scattered Matrix Plan (LSMP), continuous referral bonus upon spill-over, backlogs settlements using Loyalty payment and percentage payment, etc.


TwinKAS is here, dedicated at providing you of various backgrounds the opportunity to survive and become empowered at all times. We elevate you especially in the aspect of giving you multiple streams of income.

Our solution is unique and second to none that benefits its members both in acquiring knowledge and financial empowerment. The range of our services will get you excited and our membership compensation plan will provoke the leadership in you.

Your Star rank differentiates you from other participants.


First time donating, you are allowed to donate a Maximum of N50,000. The Second time donating, you are allowed to donate a Maximum of N250,000. From the Third donation, you are allowed to donate a Maximum of N500,000.

This control measure was put in place to control the influx of excess Donation and a perfect way to Limit

Scam of High Donation on First time GD. Please stick to your Dashboard for Live Updates before the Official Launch date.

Twinkas – Making life Better, Securing our Future

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