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Popular Nollywood actor, Bishop Ukoh, a.k.a Okon Lagos, said that policemen who raped prostitutes did not commit rape but theft and stealing.

Nollywood acator, Okon Ukoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos

Okon who has come under fire for absolving policemen who rape prostitutes of rape charges also said that prostitutes have no moral right to press for rape charges since sex was their trade.

Recall that some prostitutes were arrested in Abuja last week by the police during a raid led by the agents of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) Joint Task Team.

The prostitutes had accused the Abuja policemen of rape and assault especially during the raid.

But Mr. Okon had, in a video earlier released, absolved the policemen of rape charges, maintaining that prostitutes should not press for rape charges but stealing since, according to him, they have no dignity.

He said the policemen forcefully took what ‘product’ the prostitutes were selling without paying for it and by so doing, they committed theft and not rape.

The Nollywood actor said that the offence would have been rape only if the act was committed against a woman who is not in the profession of prostitution.

According to him, “…Well, that is a wrong charge. The charge should not be rape because there is a difference between rape and stealing.

“What those police officers did in Abuja was not rape but stealing’ because they forcefully took what the prostitutes sell and did not pay money.

“So that is stealing of their product and merchandise. There is a little of one in another

“Prostitutes no get self-pride and dignity. Both are criminal acts but different… Rape and Theft.”

However, following backlash over his comments on the development, Mr. Okon Lagos, has released another video, reaffirming his earlier stand on the matter.

He, however, corrected that he did not justify rape in his earlier video.

Watch the video clips below:

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