Labour Party’s Presidential candidate for the 2023 election, Mr. Peter Obi has debunked allegations levelled against him on issues relating to his past activities in business, as governor and general dealings with people.

The traducers in what they termed “secret findings about Obi” which went viral on various social media platforms recently, listed ten allegations wherein they accused obi of poor performance while in the university, dealing on illicit drugs in the past and N250 million cash money laundering, among others issues about business and governance.

On the issue of the N250 million cash fraud allegation, they said the former governor of Anambra State should explain how the money was found in the possession of his aides, claiming that Obi was yet to produce the contractor that suppied cars to the state and who the cash was meant for. In response, Obi’s team furnished details of how he suspended a south-east governors’ forum meeting he was billed to attend that day and called the accountant-general of the state to provide him with papers pertaining to that transaction which he took to lagos and tendered before the then Lagos State commissioner of police, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo.

They further stated that the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) in the case requested to see the managing director of the company involved in the transaction – Gliz Automobile, Lagos, for questioning on the deal and was surprised to see the managing director turn up shortly with corresponding papers, matching number of cars and amount involved.

“Faced with the possibility of a planned deal gone awry, the police went to Gliz office the same day and counted exactly equal number of cars parked in their premises and ready for delivery to the Anambra State government. The explanation of preferred cash transaction that reduced costs for obvious reasons was clearly proved and understood,” they further stated.

The team added that Obi understood the plan then was to drag his reputation on the mud and use it against him during campaign for his second tenure as governor and “promptly wrote to the then President Musa Yar’Adua, set aside his immunity and requested full investigations,” into the matter.

They said the plan now just like then is to malign Obi because he is seeking to be elected as president of Nigeria in the 2023 election.

On the allegation of Obi having spent 12 years in the university, the team said the former governor only spent four years in the University of Nigeria Nsukka between 1980 and 1984. They further provided names and phone numbers of three classmates of Obi for people to call and verify, saying he is “unlike others whose classmates are not known.”

They also debunked the allegation of Obi’s involvement in drug trafficking that allegedly led to strained relationship with his in-laws. The team said he has never had any form of conflict with his in laws and was never involved in illicit drug trade.

The traducers also claimed that Obi’s father was killed by a criminal gang who allegedly, got shortchanged by him in a drug trafficking business. Responding to that, they said what the attackers did not know was that Obi’s father died in 1968, when obi was just seven years.

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