Espionage, Espionagist And Espionagry Are All Acts In Simple Definition – The Practice Of Spying Or Of Using Spies, Typically By Governments To Obtain Political And Military Information. … Other Attributive Synonyms Are: Undercover Work, Cloak-And- Dagger Activities, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Eavesdropping, Infiltration, Cyberespionage, Counter-Espionage, Counter-Intelligence.

May and Putin
May and Putin

Anyone In Government Employment Of Spy Agent Cannot Turn Around And Chose To Be A Dissident, If Such Occurs, Person(s) Of Such Kind Is Simply An Enemy Of The State, Therefore That Country Is Within Her Legal Autonomy To Impose Death Penalty. – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas The Russians Have Rights In What Ever Manners To Enforce Penal Laws Either Constitutional Or By Attempt Of Jungle Justice To Act Against Traitors, Spy Agents And Defectors In Government Services, There Is Nothing Wrong With It Because The UK And America Will Do Same. – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Espionage is a Crime under the Legal code of many Nations – Espionage is a Crime against a Country were Secrecy of a Country is divulge to others.

United Kingdom adopting the United Nations Multilateral Treaty signed in 1954 is a sham Legislations, a truce from the German State to seek Solace in their failure of the 2nd World War. The European Convention Laws allowing Protection for this kinds of People is a Legalised Despotism and it must therefore be repealed by the UK Parliament.

The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, also known as the 1951 Refugee Convention, is a United Nations multilateral Treaty that defines who is a Refugee, and sets out the Rights of individuals who are granted Asylum and the Responsibilities of Nations that grant Asylum. The Convention also sets out which people do not qualify as Refugees, such as War Criminals.


Russians Spies who works as Secret Agents and then betray their Oath of Secrecy deserves no Mercy in the UK. The Russian Federation in its effortry to haul information is within her Autonomy of the Law to Exterminate her Citizens in such act of traitorship if they go against the Ethical Principles they signed up to. Being An Espionage Is Not Different From Being A Military, “No Retrieve No Surrender, No Absence Without Leave And Any Act Of Abdication Is Death Penalty Consequential”.

So new recruits intending to work as Spies for any Government against another should simply know the implications of such Employment or Job or Profession as tough Legislations must be put in place to avoid a Nation being a Victims of their own home grown militants were they work and then go against same Country who they signed to serve till death.

Therefore, withdrawal from such Profession simply constitutes indictable offences of Traitorship or betrayer and there is nothing wrong if the Death Sentence is carried out either by lawfully killing coded by Legislation or Assassination by any kind.


I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas, I say to you Prime Minister Theresa May, you as the British Goddess of New British Politics, that you are to withdraw the Sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation. The Death of Russian Spies in London or any Part of United Kingdom is not a Crime nor an act of Criminality against the UK if it is linked to the Russian Government.

Also without an iota of doubt, as an Oracle my readings affirms this whole Sagacity is a set up sting of Covert Operations by the USA Opposition Political Party Government Tyranny with intents to sabotage the Russian Relationship with Mr. Donald Trump Presidency for reasons to expel Russian Citizens from America and unjustly froze their Assets by Lies to Jeopardise the stability of Russian Global Authority in the World.

President Vladimir Putin has not errored England and therefore, we as a UK Government will not cause hardship on the Russian Citizens benefits and reward of Capitalism from the British Trade for Today, Tomorrow and the Future. On this Judgement, my Voice Echoes again, Sanctions imposed by the UK Government on Russia is a Judgement in Error, Illegal and has no Autonomy and Propensity in Law.


UK Laws in Ancient Britain imposed Death Penalty for Crimes of Espionage. Espionage is illegal in the UK under the Official Secrets Acts of 1911 and 1920. The UK law under this legislation considers espionage as actions “intend to help an Enemy and deliberately harm the security of the Nation”.

According to MI5, a Person will be charged with the Crime of Espionage if they, “for any purpose Prejudicial to the Safety or interests of the State”: approaches, enters or inspects a Prohibited area; makes Documents such as plans that are intended, calculated, or could directly or indirectly be of use to an enemy; or “obtains, collects, records, or publishes, or communicates to any other person any secret official code word, or pass word, or any sketch, plan, model, Article, or Note, or other Document which is calculated to be or might be or is intended to be directly or indirectly useful to an Enemy”.

The illegality of Espionage also includes any action which may be considered “preparatory to “spying or encouraging or aiding another to spy. In the UK Law an individual convicted of Espionage can be imprisoned for up to 14 years in the UK, although multiple sentences can be issued.


In the United States is covered by the Espionage Act of 1917. The United States in World War I passed the Espionage Act of 1917.

In United States Law, Treason, Espionage, and Spying are separate Crimes. Treason and Espionage have graduated punishment levels. In the United States, the Espionage Act of 1917 was used against Socialist Politician Eugene V. Debs (at that time the act had much stricter guidelines and amongst other things banned speech against Military recruiting).

The Law was later used to suppress publication of periodicals, for example of Father Coughlin in World War II. In the early 21st century, the act was used to prosecute whistle-blowers such as Thomas Andrews Drake, John Kiriakou, and Edward Snowden, as well as officials who communicated with Journalists for innocuous reasons, such as Stephen Jin-Woo Kim.


The Penalty for Espionage in many Countries was Execution, this was true right up until the Era of World War II; for example, Josef Jakobs was a Nazi spy who parachuted into Great Britain in 1941 and was executed for Espionage. In modern times, many people convicted of Espionage have been given Penal Sentences rather than execution.

For example, Aldrich Hazen Ames is an American CIA analyst, turned KGB mole, who was convicted of Espionage in 1994, he is serving a life sentence without the possibility of Parole in the high-security Allenwood U.S. Penitentiary. The Ames was formerly a 31-year CIA counterintelligence officer and analyst who committed espionage against his Country by spying for the Soviet Union and Russia, second only to Robert Hanssen, who is also serving a Prison Sentence.  Espionage Laws are also used to prosecute non-spies.


Over the years, many spies, such as the Soble spy ring, Robert Lee Johnson, the Rosenberg ring, Aldrich Hazen Ames, Robert Philip Hanssen, Jonathan Pollard, John Anthony Walker, JamesHall III, and others have been prosecuted under this Law. The risks of Espionage vary. A spy breaking the host Country’s Laws may be deported, imprisoned, or even executed.

A spy breaking his/her own country’s Laws can be imprisoned for Espionage or/and Treason (which in the USA and some other jurisdictions can only occur if he or she take ups Arms or aids the Enemy against his or her own Country during wartime), or even executed, as the Rosenbergs were. For example, when Aldrich Ames handed a stack of dossiers of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Agents in the Eastern Bloc to his KGB-officer “handler”, the KGB “rolled up” several networks, and at least ten people were secretly shot.

When Ames was arrested by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he faced life in Prison; his contact, who had diplomatic immunity, was declared persona non grata and taken to the Airport. Ames’ wife was threatened with life imprisonment if her husband did not cooperate; he did, and she was given a five-year sentence. Hugh Francis Redmond, a CIA officer in China, spent nineteen years in a Chinese Prison for Espionage—and died there—as he was operating without diplomatic cover and immunity.

Our United Kingdom Empire and United States of America Republic is built on Falsehood after beheading of King Charles I in 1649 to adopt a sham System of Government called Democracy being tested in it failed ramification barley less than 300 years old in it braise turning the UK Empire to a Constitutional Monarchy destroying the Heritage Values and Inscription of British Ancestral Laws of the Divine Right of Kings, is the birth of the Problems in the World.

We are a Supremist Countries and our Laws have been simply hinged on Legislative Confraternities. – In Adherence Of The Birth Of A New Dawn, I Say To My British People, Our 21st Century Politics Must Embrace The Law Of Legal Compromise, Simple Meaning “Do Unto Others What You Want Others To Do Unto You”. – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas. — – If we were Russians and her Government, where do we stand as an Empire and a Republic?

I pronounce as an Oracle, the greatest to live in the 21st Century Political Revolution, I seek Truth, Speak Truth and Judge Truth; The Russian Federation has done us no Wrong but instead in our Views of their Leader Vladimir Putin as a Tyrant or Murderer or a Threat to our Great British Empire, then in our Retrieval quest as Anarchist must not be the First to throw stones unjustly, henceforth Justice the Veil of Democratic Politics must stem compromise from our Past to correct our Future in avoidance of 3 rd World War.

The Russians Have Rights In What Ever Manners To Enforce Penal Laws Either Constitutional Or By Attempt Of Jungle Justice To Act Against Traitors, Spy Agents And Defectors In Government Services, There Is Nothing Wrong With It Because The UK And America Will Do Same. – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

We Cannot Live In A Glass House And Blind The Visions Of Others By Our Reflection.- By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

Circular: World Press Statement Released: Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Media Office Sign: 18th March 2018

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