Nigerian music lovers are currently in a fighting competition on Twitter over which artiste between Naira Marley and Terry G has contributed more to the music industry.

The two street sensations have divided Nigerians as many went for either of them.

The artists Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley and Gabriel Oche Amanyi known as Terry G, became trending topics on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, after some internet users posed questions as to who is a better artiste between them.

Terry G and Naira Marley
Terry G and Naira Marley

Below are their tweets:
“I’m a Marlian but comparing Naira Marley to Terry G is blasphemy. Terry G that his head is not correct. Somebody that did part 1-3 for a song that we all knew did not make one single sense but once he rang that his bell, we’d be scratching our chests like possessed monkeys.” @AbsolutelyJosh

“Wait is Free Madness, Troway, Ori, knack am, Jump and Pass, Apako Master, See groove, Apako bumbum, Jah hailo, God abeg etc all joke to y’all big big jams yet you’re disrespecting Terry G like this …are you all maddddd ” @_horwoh

“Terry G blew up without controversies and in an era that social media wasn’t this engaging. Naira has Efcc and social media to thank.” @BlaccMajek

“Terry G might be a better artiste and entertainer than Naira Marley and he was only loved for that but he doesn’t have as much influence as Naira Marley has on his fans. Naira Marley has been able to mess with his fans psychologically which is why he’ll be on the scene for long.” @royzkingin

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“Terry G was so good that even his freestyle gibberish was a massive hit. Man did part 1 & 2 that ended smash hits cuz his production skills and sets, he owns any song he featured in.. Y’all don’t know how to pick fight, Naira who?”@Yemihazan

“Naira Marley can not touch the hem of Terry G’s musical garment.
Except you were 2-years-old when Terry G started making music, you’ll remember that for 4 years, the man held Nigerian music by the neck.
By features alone, he is untouched.
If we now move to his own singles, Jesus” @Olumuyiwa__

“Terry G is trending because most people on this app belong to the 15-25 age range. Anyone who listened to Terry G from Pass me your love to Free madness will know he is not Naira Marley’s mate. Terry G’s music went all over Nigeria before these level of SM awareness.” @HeBooKn

“Stop all these nonsense comparison. Terry G is nobody’s mate. Who be Naira Marley where Akpako master de? Put some respect on that name. Baba ran the street with just a.” @ProspaOfficial

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