Nollywood Nigerian actress, Afrocandy, who went viral some time back after she got into hardcore pornographic movies, has announced that she is going back to the business of acting porongraphic movies and then sharing it on social media and her private website Afro Candy Network.

Nollywood Nigerian actress, Afrocandy
Nollywood Nigerian actress, Afrocandy

According to her, regular jobs at Fast Foods and Restaurants, made her broke and is not really working with her. Here’s her


Sorry Satan it didn’t work out, I’m going back to my Brand! I can’t be Stressing for Nothing damn it! 

Nollywood Actress Afrocandy turns hardcore porn star Date: April 23, 2017

US-based Nigerian actress and singer, Judith Mazagwu, popularly known as Afrocandy, has finally taken the plunge into hardcore pornography as evidence made available to Potpourri by the voluptuous star suggests.

Afrocandy, in a chat with Potpourri days ago sent a link to reveal what she’s currently involved in and viola, it is a link to a series of porn sites where the actress is engaged in full blown pornography, having sexual intercourse with a male porn star, known in the pornography industry as Mandingo.

Also in some of the clips, where visitors are expected to pay 50 dollars before access could be granted, Afrocandy is engaged in some solo sexual treats playing with herself.

But this is not new to many who have known the actress over the years as her personal websites is full of such treats. However, the biggest confirmation of the actress taking a plunge into hardcore pornography are a couple of scenes where she’s ‘doing it’ with the popular porn star, Mandingo.

Judith Mazagwu aka Afrocandy was first labelled a porn star after her sexually explicit role in the film ‘Destructive Instinct’ but she was quick to debunk it, saying what she did in the film was mere acting.

In the interview the actress granted Potpourri in 2014, she firmly expressed how she feels when they call her a ‘porn star’ “I’m enjoying it. Since they see me as a porn star. Okay, I’m a porn star, the only porn star in Nigeria. I’m fine with it.

The only request I have for anybody calling me a porn star is, they should please show me any porn movie I’ve done before, because I haven’t watched my porn before,” she said.

And added : “I don’t do porn movies, though our people call it porn movie but it’s not porn it’s just a regular movie and if you watch the whole film, you will realise that it also has a storyline.”


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