@myaccessbank is currently under fire as many Nigerian customers have taken to the social media to decry the poor #AccessBank services. 

Below are the reactions from the dissatisfied #AccessBank customers. 

Access Bank
Access Bank

All banks have their short coming but #Accessbank is worst.”

“Please what explains you collecting N52 anytime one transfers from Access Bank to Access – Diamond! Or did you not merge again? Since the merger, you guys became unaccessible!”

We need to be honest with ourselves,it’s every bank and not just #Accessbank charges monthly maintenance,they just became the biggest bank in Africa so I think this system upgrade is kind of necessary to allow them run smoothly,we just have to be calm.”

” My dad uses Diamond Bank which is now merged with #AccessBank, and he prefers it to the other bank he’s using, I don’t think he has ever had issues with them.”

“After reading a lot of tweets on the #Accessbank issue, I understand thy people have issues with “failed transactions”, “late reversals” and etc. it’s very easy to understand that all these issues are a result of the recent merger between access and diamond bank”

What I heard is that they are upgrading their ‘infrastructure’. Okay o. Let’s us see what happens after this upgrade sha. Hopefully the network gets better. #AccessBank

In response, @myaccessbank said, “Dear Customer,  At Access Bank, you mean everything to us! To ensure that we provide you with the highest level of service, we have embarked on a journey to upgrade our technology. #Accessbank.”

We know that there have been periods where our customers may have experienced disruptions; we are very sorry and are working to resolve this ASAP! During this last phase of our upgrade, there may be a few short periods of service interruptions. #AccessBank

All of our channels are available throughout the month, and will be even faster and easier once the upgrade is concluded.  #AccessBank

If you have any issues with one channel, please try an alternative: ·   Mobile App ·   Internet Banking ·   USSD: *901# or *426# ·   ATMs ·   WhatsApp Banking: +234 909 090 1901 ·   Self Service: 01-271 2005-7 #AccessBank.”

Should you require further assistance, our 24-hour Contact Centre is available to help! Please call us on  0700CallAccess, 0700 3000000, +234 1-2712005-7, +234 1-2802500 or send us an email at #AccessBank”

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