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My tribute to late Prof.  Pius Adesanmi

Late Pius Adesanmi

My Tribute to Late Professor Pius Adesanmi


Oh pius,

‪The son of Adesanmi,

‪The son of Isanlu,

‪A proud son of Okun land,

‪The land of my birth.

‪A patriot.

‪A hero by all standards.

‪Saved from bad Nigerian roads,

‪Drowned in the skies.

You didn’t experience oppression yourself,

But you spoke against it at every given opportunity.

‪You didn’t know Zakzaky,

‪You didn’t know me,

‪But you spoke against our oppression and persecution.

Sleep well comrade.

Till we meet again on the other side.

-Comrade Deji Adeyanju

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