By Ikechukwu Odu

NSUKKA—-The former Permanent Secretary, Government House, Enugu State, Barr. Peter Odo, yesterday, identified marginalisation as the cause security challenges in South East Nigeria.
Odo, who is aspiring for the seat of House of the Representatives, Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South Federal Constituency under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, also bemoaned lack of political will to nip the problem of insecurity in the bud in South East.
He spoke at his country home, Owerre Ani in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State where he also identified true federalism as a panacea to security challenges in South East and Nigeria at large.
“We know the reasons for security challenges in Nigeria. What is required is the political will to tame the tide.
“If you own something with somebody and you take it alone, will the person clap for you? If we have six zones in Nigeria and we are talking of equity and fairness but leadership is circulating among four or five of the zones, will the zone which is removed go home and start clapping for those zones  which removed it from the scheme of things? 
“The solution to insecurity problem in Nigeria is true federalism. I believe in one Nigeria but I don’t believe in unitary democracy because it is a negation. Democracy is not unitary neither is it a command system. The basic security problem in Nigeria is rooted in our unitary democracy, it is an aberration.
“If we had a true federalism, there would be jobs for the youths and the nation would be productive. Just 10% of the population is hijacking what belongs to everybody. That is why there are agitations here and there. This is why I am talking about unifying the South East, so that we can operate without putting our hopes at Abuja.
“I know for example, where the economic powers of Enugu, Anambra and other South East states lie, and I know that if Enugu and Anambra States should build a complementary team, the economy of the zone will come alive. I know the limitations of Enugu State, although the money may not be there but God has endowed the state with so much resources which can generate billions of naira. These are the issues I want to ventilate at the appropriate time.
“Once we have this true federalism and the South East works like a family, things will turn around for good. 
“There is insecurity in Nigeria because there is no equity and fairness. Some people are also benefiting from the proceed of insecurity in this country. How can you tell me that you have NIN and you make phone calls to demand for ransom and we know where you are speaking from we can track you? You kidnap people and make calls to demand for ransom and you cannot be tracked. This insecurity is a big business for some people”, he said.
He equally pledged to plough back half of his earnings to his constituency for human capital development and to reimburse the capital expenditures of his fellow aspirants should he be elected to represent his constituents in 2023.
“The first thing my constituents would benefit if they elect me into the National Assembly is politics without bitterness. I will make those who contested with me, those who supported me and those who didn’t support me one big political family,” he also said.

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