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LASUBEB Chairman recommends EKOEXCEL, EdoBEST for national basic education transformation

EKOEXCEL and EdoBEST have been recommended as the best technology-driven models for national basic education sector transformation by Honourable Wahab Alawiye-King, Chairman Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB).

He made the disclosure at the recently concluded Edo Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) meeting held in Benin City with the theme, “Enhancing Access, Equity and Standards in Basic Education through Technology-driven Initiatives.”

“I want to recommend to all the other State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) Chairmen across the nation to adopt this model to teach in the classroom. It is a multi-dimensional approach in teaching, it captures all the domains of learning and teaching and as such they must be able to adopt it to transform the basic education sector in their locality,” Hon. Alawiye-King said.

The meeting brought together the executive management of UBEC, 36 SUBEB Chairmen, including that of the Federal Capital territory and other education sector stakeholders to understudy the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST) model.  

In 2018, the Edo State Government led by Governor Godwin Obaseki implemented far-reaching reform in the basic education sector by introducing a technology-backed pedagogy to the basic education system.

The programme, which was named EdoBEST has been lauded by education sector thought leaders as a gamechanger as it has not only improved learning outcomes among pupils, but also transformed Edo SUBEB and the way primary schools are administered across the state.

Following the success of EdoBEST, the Lagos State Government implemented a similar reform through EKOEXCEL, albeit with modifications to meet local peculiarities.   

“We came to Edo to understudy what they were doing when we wanted to start our own program. We were not intimidated, we were only impressed. We got to Lagos and we remodeled it and made it fit into our own system which is working for us now, we call it EKOEXCEL – Excellence in Child Education and Learning, and this is what we are doing in Lagos to transform the basic education sector,” Hon. Alawiye-King said.

Speaking on the need for a national policy modeled after EdoBEST and EKOEXCEL, he noted that in order for Nigeria to be globally competitive in the basic education space, the country must maintain some level of standard and quality, leveraging technology.

“That is where the world is going and as such we must come together, as the managers in the field to ensure that technology is leveraged to achieve our educational goals,” he noted. He admonished education sector policy makers to take advantage of what is going on right now in the technology space to deliver basic education services nationally.

Also speaking at the meeting, the Executive Secretary of UBEC, Dr. Hamid Bobboyi noted that the children of Nigeria must not be left behind as the rest of the world forges ahead using technology as an enabler.

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