As the first anniversary of my fitness journey gets closer, I find myself thinking back to when it all started. It’s been a year down the lane of sweat, tears, blisters, and mind-numbing body aches. Until I started down this road, I didn’t realize how crazy the emotional roller coaster that comes with weight loss can be.


Oghenevwovwe Egbo aka Gigi
Fitness expert, Oghenevwovwe Egbo aka Gigi

With everything that has happened on this journey, I’ve had to reexamine what strength means to me; the type of strength that can only be tested in the worst of situations.

When I first started, I was so excited after I lost a few pounds and people began to notice the change. Compliments began to pour in and I was like “Hell yeah! I GOT THIS! But then, I hit a brick wall. I was still working out, still watching what I ate but I realized that I had stopped losing weight. I began to feel frustrated and angry. In those moments, I didn’t realize that my strength was being honed. I’m sure you’ve felt this way too.


Later on, I realized that weight loss is a thing that can’t be shed with exercise alone but with a lot of mental strength. I mean, how would you know you can lift 75kg weights if you didn’t try and believe that you could lift it? The truth is, you are only weak when you decide you won’t try. When you belittle the tremendous amount of strength you have, you’re failing yourself.

I’ve learned that all the pain, the tears, and the heartache that you’re feeling now all work together in a beautiful symphony aimed at making you stronger. You hear the phrase, “you are stronger than you think” and it’s the truth. But it’s a truth that is put to the test when being strong is the only choice you have. Eventually, things turn around and the goal is achieved.

Just so you know, whatever life throws at you, whatever happens, you and only you earned being in shape. You can’t buy it. The only way to obtain it is by putting in the work. That alone does wonders for your mental health. In trying, you implement the well of strength lurking inside of you, making you stronger.

All in all, I have confirmed two myths as realities in the last few months.

You are far stronger than you think and dreadlocks grow far faster than just natural hair.

Cheers to many more years of fit lifestyle!

P.S: My name is Oghenevwovwe Egbo aka Gigi.

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