Beautiful and talented Nollywood actress, Bella Ebinum, certainly knows her way around when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Bella Ebinum
Bella Ebinum

During a question and answer session with Potpourri, the actress says before she goes into any relationship she weighs her options and once she detects the absence of love she walks away.

“I can never walk into a loveless relationship no matter what that relationship can offer me in terms of sex or money.  I study a man very well and I know when a man loves me or not. It is not by telling me all the time that you love me, I want to see it in your behaviour and the way you act towards me. I don’t just walk into any relationship like a street girl  because I know what I want,” she said, boldly.

Speaking further on the importance of love, sex and money in a relationship, the Kwale, Edo State-born, first child of three children of her parents, from a Jehovah Witness Christian background actress affirms, she will take love above all, claiming she knows how to treat a man right.

“The truth is that, if you honour and respect your man, he would love you for it. Some married women make life too complicated for themselves by claiming equality with their men.

“A woman should know that the man is king and should be honoured and respected.  Know the things your man doesn’t like and desist from doing them. You just have to make your man feel like his life depend on you,” she said.

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