Bassey Ukpong

On Monday August 11, the media were saturated with the news that Senator Ita Enang had been relieved of his appointment as the Senior Special Assistant to President on National Assembly (Senate) with Omoworare Babajide, a former senator from Osun state, appointed to take over from him.

Senator Ita Enang, Senior Special Assistant to the President (Senate)

Since this news broke, Ita Enang has exhibited tortoise attitude of sitting tight in office and feigning ignorance of his sack.

Perhaps Senator Ita Enang is yet to realise that his role in splurging lies against Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration in his home-state, Akwa Ibom is over.

Enang is yet to come to terms with the fact that he has essentially been impersonating the office of the SSA to the President on National Assembly ( Senate) and that is a crime that should warrant his arrest and prosecution.

Information emanating from the Presidency has it that Senator Ita Enang has promised not to vacate the office allotted to him as the Senior Special Assistant to President on National Assembly Matters (Senate) to the new appointee. The sooner Senator Enang realizes that his time in the administration of President Buhari is over, the more he will help himself.

Senator Ita Enang’s tortoise gimmick shows how desperate a person he is. This is a man that rode on the goodwill of Akwa Ibom people to all the political offices he has ever occupied in life. Yet the same man would have the effrontery to pay his way from Abuja to Akwa Ibom State, virtually every weekend, to insult the sensibility of Akwa Ibom people.

Enang should remain thankful to President Buhari for appointing him into an office he, Enang had never worked for.

When Ita Enang joined the gullible to celebrate and welcome Senator Akpabio to his party, was he not informed that the same Akpabio will outsmart him? Every political office has time limit and expiration.

Senator Enang must know his time is up. And like every other former appointee, he should vacate the office. Next time he comes to a local radio to insult the sensibilities of Akwa Ibom people, and claims to be speaking in his official capacity, he should be arrested for impersonation.

Ukpong, a public analyst, lives in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


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