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Ikubese replies NCP, says Yunusa, Akele destroying the party

….Says Yunusa, Akele behind alleged rejoinder by Ibu-Owo

Presidential hopeful of the Alliance for New Nigeria party, ANN, Dr. Thomas Wilson Ikubese, has replied an alleged rejoinder credited by one Mr. Fatai Ibu-Owo whom, according to him, claims to be the Lagos State chapter’s Chairman of his former party, the National Conscience Party (NCP), saying the rejoinder is one of the means engaged by  both the National Chairman of NCP, Mr. Tanko Yunusa and the General Secretary, Ayodele Akele to destroy the party. Dr. Ikubese also said that the rejoinder was illegal and violates NCP’s constitution.

He said Ibu-Owo is a faceless stooge of Messrs. Yunusa and Akele both of whom, he said, have been violating NCP’s constitutional provision.

Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese
Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

The Convener of YesWeFit movement said the alleged rejoinder “ought to have been signed by the National Publicity and Publications Director (of NCP) in line with Article 4.4.10 (c) of the Constitution of the NCP” and not what he described as by an “illegally imposed State Chairman, whose position is currently being contested in court.”

He said the rejoinder was orchestrated by the duo of Mr. Tanko Yunusa and Ayodele Akele to further their alleged plot of foisting Yunusa as the flag-bearer of the NCP.

Below is the full statement:



Our attention has been drawn to the rejoinder written by one Fatai Ibu-Owo, who claimed to be the Lagos State chapter’s Chairman of National Conscience Party (NCP), to the Press Conference addressed by Dr Ikubese on 14th May 2018, wherein he announced his exit from the Party because the National Chairman Tanko Yunusa and the General Secretary Ayodele Akele violated the provisions of the NCP constitution and are scheming to instal Tanko as the 2019 Presidential Candidate of the Party through the back door, while he yet remains in office as the National Chairman.


First, let’s state here that we are very much aware that Fatai Ibu-Owo’s name, a stooge of the National Chairman of the National Conscience Party, Tanko Yunusa and the General Secretary, Ayodele Akele, was just written at the bottom of the release. There is no doubt that the release was written by the duo of Tanko and Akele who have decided to hide behind one finger.


A rejoinder to a press conference which accuses the National Chairman and General Secretary of compromise ought to have been signed by the National Publicity And Publications Director in line with Article 4.4.10 (c) of the Constitution of the NCP, not an illegally imposed State Chairman, whose position is currently being contested in court.


Tanko and Akele could not get the National Publicity And Publications Director or any National Officer to sign the rejoinder because the National Officers know that the concerns raised by Dr Ikubese in his press conference are valid and have themselves expressed their reservations on these matters severally.




For the records, we reproduce below unedited,  the content of the Press Conference addressed by Dr Ikubese on 14th May 2018:










I declared to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on

24th July 2017, because the recommendations in my book tittled MY

PRESCRIPTIONS FOR NIGERIA written in 2011 which I sent to our political leadership

wasn’t implemented. These recommendations/prescriptions if implemented will

bring about the much desired positive change in our dear nation, and position her

where she ought to be; amongst the best nations of the world.


Premised on these, I decided to run for the office of the President using my book to

benchmark governance.


My followers who are scattered around the 36 states of the Federation decided

thereupon that we join the National Conscience Party (NCP) and pursue the

actualization of the birth of the new Nigeria of our dream therein, because the

ideologies of the Founder of the Party, late icon Chief Gani Fawehinmi, which

centered around fairness, equity and justice were in tandem with mine.


I then joined the NCP on 16th September 2017.


Because of my respect for the memory of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, I will not want to go

into the fine details of the happenings in the NCP and the various hostilities I have

suffered from the leadership of the Party, except unfolding events in the coming

days make it expedient for me to do so.


I will however state two reasons why it will be difficult for me to remain in the NCP;


  1. The National Chairman Yunusa Tanko and the National Secretary Ayodele Akele

drafted a document (attached herein) directing that any Presidential Aspirant who is

less than 2yrs in the party should pay the sum of N7.04 million naira to the Party,

which is against the age-long tradition laid down by Chief Gani Fawehinmi that party

members who seek to run for offices should do so at no cost, as a populist Party, as

to encourage the masses to thereby participate actively in politics. The argument

advanced by the duo is that this money will serve to finance the Party. Conversely

however, Article 9.4.1 of the constitution of the NCP clearly stipulates how the party

shall raise funds, i.e membership fees, donations and/or contributions from well

meaning individuals or bodies, proceeds from sale or auction of party materials and

publications and income from investments. Nowhere is it stated in the constitution

that funds shall be generated by levying aspirants mandatorily!


This action is in further breach of Article 4.1.3 (c) of the NCP which stipulates that a

National Congress must be convened to discuss the affairs of the Party and to take

such decisions and/or give general guidelines as may be necessary for the progress

and proper working of the Party. A National Congress was not called, as this decision

was taken exclusively by the National Chairman and General Secretary.


  1. The National Chairman, Yunusa Tanko formerly declared to run for the office of

the President on the 23rd April 2018, without resigning his position as National Chairman. As at today, he doubles as the National Chairman and a Presidential

Aspirant of the NCP to the disadvantage of any other Aspirant in the Party who will

be “screened” by a committee that will ultimately report to him.


He thus upholds the power to approbate and reprobate.


You cannot be in charge of the Party, control its machineries and resources and also

be an Aspirant without fairness, justice and equity being compromised. Tanko

erected a barricade, mandating me to pay N7.04million as a Presidential Aspirant,

while he is not making any such payment, even though we are running for the same



Since the National Chairman and General Secretary of the party have obviously

compromised the integrity for which the party is known, I hereby withdraw my

membership of the NCP forthwith, for if I remain in the Party, it is obvious that the

duo will use the Party machinery to the advantage of Tanko. And should I defeat him

in the primaries, he and his accomplices will most likely work against me in the

general elections.


I call on members of the NCP to rise and protect the legacy of justice and equity in

the Party for which Chief Gani Fawehinmi lived and died.


For me, I shall move on and continue to join forces with genuine progressive-minded

individuals and groups to birth the new Nigeria of our dream.


A New Nigeria is possible


Together we can




Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese 

2019 Presidential Aspirant

14th May, 2018




It was this Press Conference that the duo of Tanko and Akele responded to in a rejoinder signed on their behalf by their illegally imposed stooge, Fatai Ibu-Owo.


We shall proceed to address each of the issues they raised in their rejoinder under sub-headings for easy comprehension and analysis.




It is expedient that we start by addressing the controversy surrounding the imposition of Fatai Ibu-Owo by Tanko and Akele as the Chairman of Lagos NCP, which is currently the subject of litigation at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi Lagos state, in suite numberFHC/L/CS/864/17 as to have a foundational

understanding of how Tanko and Akele are destroying the NCP by divide-and-rule antics and installing stooges who are willing to execute their selfish agenda in brazen violation of the constitution of the NCP for their personal benefits and pecuniary gains.


Article 9.2.3 of the constitution of the NCP clearly states that “all elections shall be conducted at the ANNUAL CONGRESS of the concerned level of the Party”.


On the 18th March 2017, the NCP Lagos chapter led by Comrade Tunde Agunbiade as the State Chairman conducted the State Annual Congress and election of new excos in accordance with the above constitutional requirement, having fulfilled Article 9.2.5 which states that “all elections shall be organised by Electoral Panel which must be set up not later than 4 months before the annual meeting of the Congress at which it is to conduct an election, while it shall stand defunct on the completion of the election”.


Comrade Agunbiade invited the Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC) to witness the election, but was told that Tanko and Akele had written to them to boycott the event for a later date, hence the absence of INEC at that Congress.


That congress/election which had nine out of ten functional out-going exco members in attendance was conducted peacefully and produced a new exco led by Comrade Bayo Ogunleye as the State Chairman.


A week later, 25th March 2017, Tanko and Akele organised a fresh “election” where Fatai Ibu-Owo was the only member of the previous  exco in attendance. 


Comrade Agunbiade, the immediate past Lagos state NCP chairman and Comrade Bayo Ogunleye, the newly elected Lagos state NCP chairman sent the newly elected P.R.O, Comrade Kehinde Adeoye to the event with a letter so duely signed to be handed over to the representatives of INEC at the event, notifying them of the illegality of the process.


However, Comrade Seeni Ajayi, who bullies for Tanko and Akele, snatched the letter and tore it in the presence of all in attendance!


It took the intervention of law-enforcement agents to return calmness to the venue.


It was that kangaroo election which was an obvious breach of Articles 9.2.5 and 9.2.3 of the constitution of the NCP that produced Fatai Ibu-Owo, the stooge whose named was used to sign the lie-ladden rejoinder.


The Lagos state scenario is just one of the several cases of how Tanko and Akele disparage credible, visionary comrades and install their stooges to fulfil their pecuniary desires.




Upon joining the NCP, Dr Ikubese inquired from Tanko how much the monthly dues of the party was. Tanko replied by saying that the annual dues is one hundred naira (N100) per month or one thousand two hundred naira (N1,200) per annum, as the Party is a populist/humanist party. This conversation took place on phone, in the presence of the Ondo state chairman of the NCP, Comrade Davis Oluwasuyi, who made the account details of the party available to Dr Ikubese upon the advice of Tanko, immediately after that conversation.


Dr Ikubese therefore on his own volition decided to pay the sum of two thousand naira ( N2,000) instead of the statutory one thousand two hundred naira (N1200) per annum on the 6th October 2017 through teller number 2326337 at U.B.A in favour of NCP  account number 1000598812. This payment was acknowledged by Tanko and Akele, upon which Dr Ikubese was issued a Membership Card with number 0356 by Comrade Davis Oluwasuyi, the Ondo State Chairman of the NCP, having fulfilled his membership obligation.


Looking back now, Dr Ikubese was in the Party for eight months (September 2017 to May 2018). The two thousand naira thus translates into two hundred and fifty naira monthly, which is one hundred and fifty naira in excess of the one hundred naira that the National Chairman asked Dr Ikubese to pay as monthly dues.


The rejoinder also stated that Dr Ikubese did not pay for the Membership Card given to him. This is another deliberate distortion of facts  aimed at confusing members of the public who they know will ask them how Dr Ikubese came about his Membership Card if he didn’t pay his dues!


In the NCP like several other parties, once you pay your dues, you qualify as a member and automatically collect your membership card. There’s no separate amount paid for membership card, differently from the dues!


It is a shame that Tanko granted an interview to Premium Times shortly after the Press Conference of Dr Ikubese saying that the only amount paid by Dr Ikubese is two thousand naira, without stating that the sum was for his annual dues in line with his directive. It’s a pity that the National Chairman of a party such as the NCP that preaches uprightness and accountability is deliberately distorting facts for percuniary gains. In that interview he said Dr Ikubese paid only N2,000. In his rejoinder signed by his stooge Fatai Ibu-Owo, Tanko again said Ikubese “has not paid a kobo ” to the party.


Which do we now believe? Two different statements, from the same individual!


The Spirit of Chief Gani Fawehinmi must be turning in his grave right now, seeing what unstable characters like Tanko and Akele have turned his Party into.


On the allegation that Dr Ikubese did not fulfil all the promises he made to the Ondo state chapter of NCP, it’s expedient to put the record straight.


When Dr Ikubese joined the Party, the Ondo State Chairman, Comrade Davis Oluwasuyi told him that the party was in need of a secretariat, where its activities can be managed.


Dr Ikubese told Comrade Davis to look for a befitting property in the high brow business district of Oba Adesida through Oyemekun road for the purpose of the party’s secretariat.


Comrade Davis eventually located a substandard property around the Osolo Palace, which Dr Ikubese did not approve as he deemed it not befitting for the Party.


Eventually, Dr Ikubese located a befitting property along the high brow business district  at No. 82 Oke-Ijebu Street, Akure. He informed comrade Davis and took him there for inspection. After Comrade Davis certified the property fit for use, Dr Ikubese proceeded to make full payment for same from his private purse and equally transferred the sum of twenty thousand naira to the FCMB account number 3368653014, being the personal account of Comrade Davis for the purpose of placing a vacancy advertisement slot in Trace News Magazine for the secretariat staff who would work in the office.


Dr Ikubese and an excited Comrade Davis thereupon posed for a photograph in front of the building, to commemorate the birth of a new dawn for the Ondo state chapter of NCP. The picture is in our archives.


The receipt issued by the Landlord for the full payment of the property is also in our archives.


This event was reported by NigerianCableNews, an online media outfit.


This was followed by a State Executive Committee (SEC) meeting called by Comrade Davis Oluwasuyi, where he and members of  Ondo SEC  thanked Dr Ikubese for his benevolence to the Party.


How so unfortunate, that the mischievous duo of Tanko and Akele could now turn around and lie so shamelessly that Dr Ikubese did not fulfil any of the promises he made to the Ondo state chapter of NCP!


Tanko and Akele have since been mounting pressures on Comrade Davis Oluwasuyi the Ondo State Chairman, to distort facts and generate orchestrated falsehood against Dr Ikubese so as to discredit him in the eyes of the public.




This is another concorted lie by Tanko/Akele meant to massage their ego and make the Party look worthwhile in the eyes of the uninformed.


The truth is that the NCP is a party with great potentialsby virtue of the legacy enshrined thereof by the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, the founder . However, since Yunusa Tanko and Ayodele Akele took over the leadership of the Party as National Chairman and General Secretary respectively in 2012, the fortunes of the party has since nose dived, because these duo are not after the development of the Party, but are only using the Party as a tool of merchandise for their selfish interest.


Today, no state chapter of the NCP has a secretariat, except Lagos state which  occupies the Gani Fawehinmi Memorial Organisation’s (GAFAMorg) office space as its secretariat. Even the FCT chapter occupies the kitchenspace of the unbefitting two-bedroom apartment used as the national secretariat of the Party in Abuja.


How can such a poorly managed Party which has been raped sore and ran aground by the duo of Tanko and Akele be an attraction to “bourgeoisie politicians” and “agents of the Nigerian ruling elites”?


Truth is, as it stands today, the NCP is a moribund Party, no thanks to Tanko and Akele.


The coming of Dr Ikubese into the party, with his several town hall meetings across the various states of the federation, coupled with many media appearances and press releases on burning national issues, caused a monumental rebirth of the party as people were asking to know about the party as though it’s a new Party, while those who had known about the Party were surprised to know that it is still in existence!


No serious minded aspirant to any public office today will run under the National Conscience Party. Not even human rights  activists who should naturally feel at home with the Party, because Tanko and Akele have turned the Party to their private enterprise and tool of  merchandise since they took over its leadership in 2012. This explains why the immediate past National Chairman of the Party, Mr Femi Falana resigned from the Party so as not to have his good name soiled by this duo who have constituted themselves into principalities in the NCP.


So who wants to “hijack” an empty shell with no political worth and value?


* A party that has no state secretariats.


*A party whose card-carying membership is not up to two thousand  in a nation of 186 million people, and keeps loosing her few members by the day due to bad, uninspiring, selfish leadership.


*A party that does not control a single seat in government at any level.


*A party where only the National Chairman and General Secretary take decisions in their bedrooms and it becomes law.


* A party whose national body has no functional website in twenty first century.


* A party that has refused to maximise the gains of social media in twenty first century.


* A party where the few great minds who stray in there are deliberately frustrated and chased away so that Tanko/Akele can continue to have a field’s day, unchallenged.


* A party that is not interested in growing its membership base or winning elections, but is rather interested in using their candidates as a bargaining tool for self enrichment.


Who wants to “hijack” a comatosed liability? 


There are 68 registered political parties in Nigeria today. Of these, the NCP falls far behind in the line of serious political parties. All those who associate with the party today still do so because of the memory of late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. But none of these people will ever consider the NCP as a party of choice should they decide to run for elective office, because they know better.


NCP under Tanko/Akele has thus become an artefact, fit only for the museum.






Article 2.1 of the constitution of the NCP states that “all members shall have the right to participate fully in the activities of the Party and to aspire to any position of responsibility within the Party or any public office on the platform of the Party “.


Dr Ikubese by virtue of this provision, having joined the party formally and paid his dues and given a membership card, is entitled to run for the office of the President and be so publicly identified as a “Presidential Aspirant” of the NCP.  He doesn’t have to be an official of the Party to make a statement in respect of his aspiration. At no time did he speak for the Party. He rather spoke variously in respect of his aspiration and manifesto for a new Nigeria. It is therefore distortingly mischievous to accuse him of “dropping the name of the party”, whatever that means.


The duo of Tanko/Akele should mention a single “anti-party” activity embarked upon by Dr Ikubese, who has actually been going round the country popularizing the Party which has since become moribund from the mismanagement of Tanko/Akele.


President Olusegun Obasanjo is not a dignitary that just anybody can have audience with. Many try for months to have appointment with him without success. Yet, he granted express audience to Dr Ikubese because he’s aware of his integrity, the genuiness of his aspiration  and his huge followership across the federation as the very first young person to declare to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as far back as 24th July, 2017, prompted by the need to make Nigeria work, with a spelt-out agenda.


His visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, was well publicised by the press who were in the know of the purpose of the visit.


For the records, Dr Ikubese visited President Obasanjo on two grounds;


(i) He thanked him for the letter he wrote, urging President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019 as that letter echoed the yearnings of the masses on the street, who are victims of the lack-lustre leadership style of President Muhammadu Buhari.


(ii) He persuaded him that the Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) floated by the former President and its subsequent political metamorphosis should not field a recycled politician in the 2019 Presidential election, stating specifically that should the Coalition field an “ex-this, ex-that”, it would no longer qualify as a Third Force, urging him therefore to encourage the emergence of a young, fresh, visionary  candidate who has not hitherto been stained by the murky waters of Nigerian politics.


Which of these two points contradict the spirit of progressivism and the ideology of the NCP or runs contrary to the expectations of the Nigerian masses?


Recall that the 2015 Presidential Candidate of the NCP, Engr Martins Onovo visited former President Obasanjo during the build-up to the 2015 Presidential election. Till this day, nobody knows the purpose of his visit and the subject of discussion. When asked, he said it was a “private visit”. Yet, there is no record of the NCP taking any action against him.


Ikubese’s visit to Chief Olu Falae is also in the open, covered by the press. For Chief Falae, an elderstatesman and the National Chairman of another Party, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to have granted audience to Dr Ikubese, a presidential aspirant of another Party, goes to show the quantum of respect he has for the young revolutionist. Again, the content of the meeting is in the open, covered by the press, reproducible by Google. Dr Ikubese admonished him that his party, which many political big wigs were defecting to, should not field a recycled politician for the 2019 Presidential election.


Again, how does this admonition run contrary to the ideology of the NCP or the common good of the masses ?


The rejoinder also stated that the NCP “issued a statement to dissociate itself from the dealings of Dr Ikubese”. This is another deliberate falsehood!


We challenge the duo of Tanko and Akele to produce a copy of the said “statement”.


In their characteristic manner, it is easy for them to quickly conjure a fake letter and back-date it to that effect. However, we are waiting to puncture their lie as usual. Letters, statements, memo etc are sent to members of  NCP via NCP Hq e-mail. Let them screen-munch and show to the world the date on the “sent” compartment on the official e-mail address of the NCP revealing the purported “statement” therein. This electronic data cannot be manipulated, as they could easily do with a hard copy.


It’s most unfortunate that while Dr Ikubese was busy traveling round the country, organising Town-Hall meetings, issuing press statements, granting press interviews  addressing Press Conferences and invoking the consciousness of the Party in the minds of Nigerians, the duo of Tanko and Akele were busy scheming how to edge him out and hand over the Party’s Presidential ticket to Tanko through the back door for their selfish gains.


Dr Ikubese is the kind of candidate that any serious political party would desire to fly its  ticket in a Presidential election. But for the duo of Tanko and Akele, Dr Ikubese is bad news because NCP under Tanko and Akele  fields candidates in elections, not with the intention of winning, but with the intention of using such candidates to bargain for money and favour.


Seeing that Dr Ikubese is a principled, successful and serious-minded technocrat who will not agree to participate in such political merchandise, the only way they could continue with their trade was to edge him out of the Party by manufacturing unconstitutional barricades and refusing to call a National Congress, where their illegalities can be thwarted.




This is another deliberate falsehood which again reveals Tanko and Akele as persons not worthy of public trust.


In 2010, fifteen political parties (including NCP) that faced deregistration from INEC came together to form Coalition for New Nigeria (CNN), went to court and got a judgement in their favour.


In July 2017 (before Dr Ikubese even joined the NCP), these fifteen political parties (including the NCP) again came together with the aim of presenting a CONSENSUS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE in the 2019 Presidential election as a means of wrestling power from the APC. The coalition which has increased its membership to about thirty political parties as at January 2018 has Yunusa Tanko who is the National Chairman of the NCP as its Spokesperson, while Alhaji Abdulkadir Salam of the Labour Party (LP) was appointed as Chairman and Barrister Godson Okoye of the United Democratic Party (UDP) as Secretary.


Yunusa Tanko in his capacity as the spokesperson of the Coalition for New Nigeria (CNN) has granted several press interviews in this regards. A simple Google search will so reveal. Recently, in the first week of April 2018 on Sunrise Daily, Maupe Ogun of Channels television asked Tanko about the disposition of the NCP to forming alliance with other parties with the aim of wrestling power from the APC. Tanko, in that live telecast again confirmed that the NCP is involved in forming alliance with other parties as to “rescue Nigeria” in 2019. The footage of that interview is on YouTube.


On 21st March 2018 at the Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja, venue of the Grand National Summit & Official Launch Of Grand Political Coalition On The Future Of Nigeria by the Nigeria Intervention Movement, Yunusa Tanko was  conspicuously present in his capacity as the National Chairman of NCP and Spokesperson for the Coalition of New Nigeria. We have pictures of him at that event in our archives.
How can the duo of Tanko and Akele now turn around to say that the NCP is not interested in forming alliance with other parties and go on to  accuse Dr Ikubese of wanting to “impose” alliance on the NCP, when the NCP had gone into alliance before Dr Ikubese even joined the Party and Tanko himself is the Mouthpiece of the alliance!


Isn’t it obvious that Tanko and Akele are perpetual liars who are bent on distorting history and deliberately misinforming members of the public for their selfish interest?




Please recall that as at today, there are two factions in Lagos NCP, courtesy of the manipulations of Tanko and Akele. The authentic faction led by Comrade Bayo Ogunleye, which is the exco that followed the constitutional provision of the Party and the faction that was  illegally imposed by Tanko/Akele, led by Fatai Ibu-Owo.


While Dr Ikubese has interacted severally with the Comrade Bayo Ogunleye led exco and has enjoyed tremedous comradeship from them, he has been careful not to encourage illegality by distancing himself from the illegal exco led by Fatai Ibu-Owo. So, of a truth, he has “no single follower” in the illegal faction of Fatai Ibu-Owo, but has one hundred percent followership in the authentic Comrade Bayo Ogunleye led exco, as well as all other state chapters of the NCP all of whom are excited, seeing that the coming of Dr Ikubese into the Party gave the Party a new lease of life.




It’s unfortunate that Tanko and Akele who are vested with the responsibility of leading a Party such as the NCP have degenerated so low to the point of triviality, by making a mountain out of the  mole hill of  Facebook “likes” in an attempt to denigrate the highly respected Dr Ikubese.


It is thus expedient that we put the records straight.


Dr Ikubese has the following Facebook accounts:


(i) Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese (5,000 friends)


(ii) Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese for President 2019 (15,000 likes)


(iii) Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese for President 2019 (13,000 members)


(iv) Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese for President 2019 (194 likes)


(v) Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese for President 2019 (170 likes)


The summation comes to over thirty three thousand followers. While we acknowledge that this is a far cry from our target and yet are working daily on increasing our social media presence, it has become necessary to set the record straight, that we currently have a followership of over thirty three thousand and not two thousand as mischieviously put by Tanko and Akele in their rejoinder. This is without prejudice to the almost fully subscribed over three hundred and fifty WhatsApp platforms of the Ikubese Campaign networks across the 36 states of the federation, Abuja and the diaspora. Ditto for other media windows.


Perhaps, since Tanko has decided to go in search of Facebook “likes”, we may need to turn the search light on him and the Party under his leadership. Tanko Yunusa and the NCP have the following facebook accounts;


(i) Yunusa Tanko (2,391 friends)


(ii) Yunusa Tanko NCP 2019 ( 179 likes)


(iii) National Conscience Party (277 likes)


(iv) National Conscience Party (161 members)


(v) National Conscience Party (53 members)


(vi) National Conscience Party (106 likes)


(vii) National Conscience Party Lagos state (194 likes)


(viii) National Conscience Party Lagos state (755 likes)



(ix) NCP Enugu state (277 friends)


(x) National Conscience Party Osun chapter (41 likes)


(xi) NCP – National Conscience Party (305 members)


(xii) National Conscience Party (NCP) (10 members)


(xiii) National Conscience Party (NCP) Benue state chapter (22 members)


(xiv) National Conscience Party – NCP Sunshine State Chapter (102 likes)


The summation of Facebook followership of Yunusa Tanko and the entire NCP in Nigeria and in the diaspora under his leadership is less than five thousand, yet he is ridiculing Dr Ikubese with over thirty three thousand followers!





This is another fallacy.


Dr Ikubese is not a political jobber. He is a successful Medical Practitioner who has been practicing conscientiously for about two decades now, contributing his quota to nation building by offering charitable medical services to Nigerians, an act that has earned him several medals and awards over the years.


He had sent the book and its recommendations to the Nigerian leadership over the years  hoping that they will implement its content, which is a sure recipe for a functional Nigeria. It is the failure of the implementation of the content of the book by our leadership that has prompted Dr Ikubese to declare to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic on 24th July 2017, using the book as benchmark for governance,  before he eventually joined the NCP on 16th September 2017.


So, must every social commentator who profers solution to Nigeria’s many problems join a political party and seek elective office immediately?


The likes of Prof Wole Soyinka, Charly Boy, Chinua Achebe etc who regularly criticise govt and profer solutions to Nigeria’s many problems without joining political parties and running for elective office must be discountenanced then, going by the yardstick of Tanko and Akele!


What a jaundiced submission!




On 1st December 2017, an e-mail was sent to Dr Ikubese, which was back-dated by three months to read September 2017 from the NCP National Headquarters  (to give the impression that the information therein  preceded when Dr Ikubese joined  the Party) , stating that any member who is less than two years old in the Party should pay the total sum of N7.04 million to the Party.


Dr Ikubese reached out to the stakeholders in the Party, all of whom told him that the purported letter generated by Tanko and Akele  was illegal as its content is alien to the Spirit of the NCP and did not follow due constitutional process, as it is in clear violation ofArticle 4.1.3 (c) which states that “a National Congress must be convened to discuss the affairs of the Party and to take such decisions and/or give general guidelines as may be necessary for the progress and proper working of the Party”.


They promised to address the issue and throw the illegal letter to the dustbin at the National Congress.


However, since Tanko assumed his second term in office as the Chairman of the Party in 2016, he has refused to convene a National Congress of the Party in line with Aticle 4.1.3 preface which states that “An Annual Meeting of the National Congress shall be convened NOT LATER THAN the thirteenth month after the preceding Annual Meeting”. 


It’s been two years now since Tanko and Akele resumed their second term in office as  Chairman and General Secretary of the NCP respectively, yet they’ve deliberately refused to convene a National Congress of the Party, running NCP as a private property and taking decisions from their bedrooms.


Their plan is to edge out Dr Ikubese who is the major contender in the Party and instal Tanko as the presidential candidate of the Party before calling a National Congress, by which time it will be too late to reverse the illegality in view of INEC’s time table for 2019 Presidential election .


Tanko and Akele again exposed their schemings unknowingly by playing with words which run conversely to each other in their rejoinder.


In one line, they said there is “an on-going discussion within the party” about the N7.04 million, in another line they said the sum is the “official position” of the Party. How can an “on-going discussion” transmit into the “official position” without a formal meeting as prescribed by Article 4.1.3 (c) of the Constitution of the NCP?


Tanko and Akele in the rejoinder said that “it is generally agreed that anybody who wants to run for office must have spent at least two active years within the Party”. When was this “agreement” made? This is not in the NCP constitution. Which National Congress was this matter tabled and adopted? Where is the minutes of such meeting/Congress/agreement?


Article 9.9.1 of the constitution of the NCP  clearly stipulates the order of a constitutional amendment which was not complied with herein, thus invalidating the release.


A party that cannot boast of two thousand members nationwide, which should be embarking on vigorous membership drive is here conjuring stringent conditions to scare people away just to favour the political ambition and pecuniary indulgence of the National Chairman and General Secretary.


It’s unfortunate that the more they try to use words to cover this illegality, the more they contradict themselves and expose their insincerity to the world.


Paragraph twenty of their rejoinder states thus; “all cadres of the Party who are paying the least amount in Party dues are eligible  to run for any office including the Presidency of Nigeria in the NCP free of charge”.


What a contradiction?


What’s the highest amount of dues? What’s the least amount? Which Article of the constitution of the NCP states such? Where’s the minutes of the National Congress where dues were stratified among members?  


Tanko and Akele trickishly avoided mentioning how much the dues is in NCP in their rejoinder. Yet, they are struggling hard to confuse the public with “cadres” and“least amount of dues”, all of which are alien to the Spirit and letters of the NCP and indeed non-existent in its constitution!


We challenge Tanko and Akele to publicly produce the teller with which they paid their current annual dues to the Party and let the whole world see, ditto for all the Deputy National Chairmen, NEC members, State Chairmen, Secretaries et al, taking cognisance of the date of payment!




This claim is most laughable!


This again goes to show that Tanko and Akele are bent on shoving dust down the throat of members of the public. This is why we have painstakingly decided to put the record straight.


How much is N7.04million to a corrupt politician, scammer and bourgeoisie? That sum certainly cannot stand as a barrier to one who has looted the nation’s treasury in the order of “corrupt politician, scammer and bourgeoisie” as painted by Tanko and Akele that seek to thus further consolidate thereof in the Presidency.


By the way, who qualifies more as a “scammer”, is it a successful, respectable multiple award-winning, highly celebrated Medical Practitioner or Tanko and Akele both of whom have no veritable source of livelihood, but feed fat from political schemings, party merchandise and crumbs that fall off the table of selfish political gimmicks?


In another interview, Tanko said the N7.04 million was to generate funds for running the activities of the Party.


Article 9.4.1 of the constitution of the NCP clearly states how monies shall be generated by the Party.  It says unequivocally that the Party shall be financed from “membership fees, donations/or contributions from well-meaning individuals and bodies, proceeds from sale or auction of party materials and publications and income from investments”.


Why are Tanko and Akele not exploring the above stated constitutional provisions to generate funds?


No where is it stated in the constitution that funds shall be generated by levying aspirants mandatorily in millions  as the NCP is a populist party and this has NEVER happened since 1994 when the party was founded. 


In any case, no “failed politician” who couldn’t get his party ticket will ever cross to the NCP to seek such a ticket as they alleged. It has NEVER happened and is not about to happen soon under the leadership of Tanko and Akele because the NCP has no structures and is not out to win elections, but to trade with offices and enrich the pockets of Tanko and Akele.





In 2003, Chief Gani Fawehinmi was the National Chairman of the NCP. Since no other aspirant came up under the Party, he was adopted as the consensus candidate with nobody calling for his resignation since there was no primary election, wherein he would have been accused of possible manipulation.


In 2007, Comrade Obayuwana was the National Chairman of the NCP and the same scenario as in 2003 played out. No other Presidential  Aspirant came up and he was adopted as the consensus candidate for the Party. So no need to resign since there was no primaries to superintend over.


In 2011, Mr Femi Falana, SAN was the National Chairman of the Party. That year however, there were three Presidential Aspirants under the NCP; Mr Atei Peredugo, Engr Martins Onovo and Chief Dele Momodu. The National Chairman therefore did not run for the office of the President since there were members of the Party who had indicated interest in running for  the office of the President, unlike 2003 and 2007 when there were no aspirants. Dele Momodu eventually emerged as the Party’s flagbearer following a free and fair primaries supervised by the National Chairman .


In 2015, Yunusa Tanko was the National Chairman of the Party. That year, two aspirants ran for the office of the President under the NCP; Pastor Obaseki and Engr Martins Onovo. Yunusa Tanko who was the National Chairman of the Party then did not run for the office of the President because two members of the Party had already shown interest in the office. A free and fair primaries was eventually conducted and Engr Martins Onovo emerged as the Party’s flagbearer, in a primary election supervised by the National Chairman Tanko Yunusa..


However, as at the 23rd April 2018 when Tanko declared to run for the office of the President, there were at least three Presidential Aspirants under the party, with Dr Ikubese as the most promising.


So the current situation is unlike 2003 and 2007 when Chief Gani Fawehinmi and Comrade Osagie Obayuwana respectively were adopted as the consensus Presidential  candidates of the Party because there were no other aspirants that showed up in the NCP. This explains why  they retained their seats as National Chairmen and yet doubled as Presidential Candidates at that time.


In all the previous years when members showed interest to run for the office of the President as in 2011 and 2015, no National Chairman ever threw his hat in the ring to wrestle with people he should be superintending over for the sake of equity!


As it stands now, there is going to be primaries amongst the Presidential aspirants, with Tanko participating as an Aspirant and at the same time the National Chairman. He shall sit atop the screening committee and decide who deserves to be granted “waivers”, who should be disqualified and who should proceed to the primaries proper. And of course his influence in determining who eventually gets the ticket cannot be over-emphasised in a process where he is a player and referree at the same time, having gone round the states to instal his stooges as State Chairmen and Secretaries of the Party who shall lead their various state delegates, where other Aspirants are to pay N7.04million and Tanko will be exempted from paying same!


Chief Gani Fawehinmi would certainly not allow such an anomaly in his life time. He must be turning in his grave right now!


It is therefore laughable when Tanko and Akele made reference to 2003 and 2007 as their benchmark, when the National Chairmen ran as Presidential Aspirants without resigning their previous positions. Such a comparison is rationally  invalid and mischievouosly misleading!





In the public space, Tanko and Akele would condemn the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) as looters of Nigeria’s treasury, but associate closely with them behind closed doors.


It’s on record that the National Congress of 2012 held in Osogbo, capital of Osun state. That Congress was bankrolled by Ogbeni Raufu Aregbesola, governor of Osun state, an APC stalwart!


In 2016, Tanko and Akele again organised a National Congress in Akure, capital of Ondo state. That Congress was bankrolled by Dr Olusegun Mimiko a PDP stalwart, who was then the governor of Ondo state.


In many instances, what Tanko and Akele declared to the Party was always a far cry from what these governors actually gave out to the Party, since the monies were handed over in cash and not cheque.


Governor Mimiko was particularly benevolent to the Party on several occasions, because he hails from the same town with late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, founder of the NCP. Tanko and Akele however abused this privilege, enburdening the governor serially as if he was a member of NCP. Yet, what they declared to the Party was always far less than what the governor handed over to them, causing a lot of rumbles in the Party.


The records are there in the governor’s office.


In 2012, the PDP-led Presidency of Dr Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan gave out money in millions for the support of the memorial event organised by Gani Fawehinmi Memorial Organisation (GAFAMorg) which held on 5th September 2012. Akele was the Chairman Board of Trustee, Comrade Tunde Agunbiade  Secretary and Venerable Folorunso Ogini was the Treasurer. Other members of the five-man  board were Bar Bamidele Aturu and Comrade Michael Omuya. The Organising Committee was made up of Comrade Kive Kokori, Comrade Gbajumo Afolabi, Comrade Bayo Ogunleye and Comrade Babalola Medayedupin. However, Akele went about collecting the money alone, without carrying along the Secretary or any member of the the board of trustee or the Organising Committee. When the matter was tabled for discussion, a member of the Organising Committee,  Comrade Gbajumo revealed that Akele collected the sum of twenty million naira on behalf of GAFAMorg. However, Akele tactically  denied the allegation, stating that what he collected was five million naira. Yet, what Akele paid into the Keystone bank account of  GAFAMorg was N2.5million, which was even paid in piecemeal. Till this day, Ayodele Akele and his Co-manipulator sat on the rest of the money,  threatening whosoever raises the issue!


We call on the EFCC, the Nigerian Police and  the Department of State Service to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter in the interest of Nigerians and the memory of Chief Gani Fawehinmi.





When Dr Ikubese decided to join the NCP, his first contact was the National Chairman of the Party, Tanko Yunusa whom he called on phone. He discussed with him and explained to him why he intends to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as a prelude to implementing the content of his book tittled, MY PRESCRIPTIONS FOR NIGERIA, which resonates with the ideology of the NCP.


Yunusa Tanko then sent him the cell number of the Ondo state chapter’s Chairman of the NCP, Comrade Davis Oluwasuyi. Dr Ikubese soon linked up with Comrade Davis and they got talking.  


However, on the 16th September 2017 when Dr Ikubese was to pick up the form and formally join the NCP, he coincidentally saw a Facebook page tittled “Yunusa Tanko NCP 2019” which suggested that the National Chairman was going to run for the office of the President in 2019.


Dr Ikubese immediately called Tanko and asked him if he was planning to run for the office of the President in 2019. But Tanko quickly denied it and said the page must have been put up by some of his mischievous admirers and that Dr Ikubese should proceed with his activities as he had no such intention. 


As at that time, two different political parties had approached Dr Ikubese, offering him their presidential tickets on a platter of gold. But Dr Ikubese decided to go with the NCP because of the ideology of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, founder of the Party and the assurances given him by Yunusa Tanko. 


Upon joining the party, Dr Ikubese requested the contacts of all the state chapters’ Chairmen from Tanko so that his followers across the federation could join the Party in their various states. Tanko responded by directing him to the General Secretary, Ayodele Akele for the contacts. On calling, Akele told Ikubese that anyone who wishes to join the Party should call him (Akele) so he could direct such persons appropriately. 


Dr Ikubese found this as strange and decided to report it to Tanko. In a funny twist, Tanko told Ikubese to scan a copy of the membership form and send it to those who are willing to join the Party. After such persons have filled the form, they should send it to the National Headquarters by e-mail!


Ikubese later got to realise much latter that Tanko and Akele were deliberately keeping him away from establishing contact with the State Chairmen of the Party, so that he would not market his Presidential ambition to them ahead of Tanko who was yet to declare his own Presidential ambition formally at that time.


All of these schemings by Tanko and Akele were at the expense of the growth of the Party as new members who were due to come into the party with Dr Ikubese across the 36 states  of the federation and the diaspora were technically barred from doing so.


This duo deliberately refused to host a functional website for the NCP or open up public space for the Party so that vibrant minds cannot come into the Party, while the operations of the Party would be restricted to their bossom! This is why the NCP can not make progress under the leadership of these two political traders.


On three different occasions, Dr Ikubese asked to  know if Tanko was going to run for the office of the President. On all the occasions he denied any interest in the Presidency, only to call Dr Ikubese four days before he formally declared, telling him that he had decided to call him “out of respect” and that he had just decided to run for the office of the President.


What a dishonourable man, a schemer who should not be found in an ideological party such as the NCP, talk less of leading it!


So all the while he knew he was going to run and had actually been scheming to edge out Dr Ikubese for his own selfish gains, after using him to popularize the Party!


Little wonder he gave a stern instruction to the Local Organising Committee of the 80th posthumous birthday celebration of Chief Gani Fawehinmi not to invite Dr Ikubese for the event which held in Lagos on 21st April 2018, two days ahead of his official declaration to run for the office of the President.




Today, the NCP founded in 1994 is about the oldest existing political party in Nigeria, but  is not viable because Tanko and Akele choose to run the Party aground so that it doesn’t attract vibrant people who will seek to do things right and challenge the status quo. 


Many new political parties which were registered by INEC barely a year ago are now doing so well and attracting vibrant members. Many of them have online portals from where you can join them and even make online donations to the Party.  


The Alliance for New Nigeria, ANN, one of the 21 political parties newly registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC in 2017 recently  mobilised N50 million from membership dues through its online registration portal. Interim national chairman of the party, Dr. Jay Samuels revealed to newsmen recently that the party which collects N1,000 as membership dues had mobilised 50,000 members fetching the new political party at least N50 million in membership dues alone. This is the kind of innovation  that Tanko and Akele should bring into NCP rather than scramble for crumbs from the system at the expense of the Party.

But Tanko and Akele are not ready to float this kind of transparent fund raising platform where all monies pass through the Party’s bank account and pilfering is almost impossible. They are interested in state governors and the Presidency dolling out millions to them in cash, so that they can take their own sumptous share and pass on the left-over to the Party.

The excuse that Tanko has been giving for not calling a National Congress Since 2016 when the last congress was held is that the Party has no money. Yet, he refused to open up the Party for people to come in and make contributions for its growth. His stock in trade is moving from one governor’s office to another in search of “sponsorship” to organise a National Congress of the Party, bargain for candidate swap in favour of incumbent state governors at a fee, and dinning with powers that be behind the curtains!

When Tanko and Akele field a gubernatorial candidate in any election, it is not with the intention of winning, but as a tool for negotiation!

What does it take to host an online portal for the Party where people can join the Party and even make free-will donations and pay dues online? What does it take to organise a stakeholders meeting and discuss how to raise funds for the Party?

But no, Tanko prefers that the Party be in a comatose state and unattractive to progressive minds so that he can continue to have a grip on the Party in order to satisfy his selfish interests and hand over to Akele as the new national chairman .



On 5th June 2018, over three weeks after Dr Ikubese exited the National Conscience Party (NCP), news got to him that the owner of the two bedroom apartment located at No. 1 Yaoundé street wuse Zone 6, which the NCP uses as its national secretariat has given notice of eviction to the Party, threatening to throw out its scanty old-school furniture, because of outstanding rents owed by the Party, which has progressively accumulated since Tanko and Akele took over the leadership of the Party. Because of the respect that Dr Ikubese has for the memory of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, the very next day being 6th June, he decided to make a voluntary donation of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to the Party, through the Party’s UBA account no. 1000598812 teller number 20404387 as his own token towards the payment of the rent. Dr Ikubese could have done far more, but fears that his free-will donation may end up in the private pockets of Tanko and Akele, as usual!

This kind of embarrassing situation ought not to be mentioned concerning the NCP but for the bad leadership represented by this duo, wherein they perpetually enrich themselves, using the NCP and the highly respected name of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, while keeping the Party moribund so that they can have the final say at all times.

It’s a shame that the NCP is pushed into a dingy two-bedroom apartment as its national secretariat, where the FCT chapter uses the kitchen of that flat as its office, because Tanko and Akele want it so!

Hosting a functional national website where members can join the Party, pay dues and make voluntary donations online will solve this simple problem, just like the Alliance for New Nigeria did. But Tanko and Akele don’t want that to happen!

Dr Ikubese will continue to savour the memory of late Chief Gani Fawehinmi and support the course of his vision whenever the need arises, provided those who manage such benevolence do so transparently.


Listening to Tanko at the recently concluded Emerging Politcal Leaders (EPL) summit on 8th May, 2018 at the Musa Yar’Adua centre in Abuja, where he was the only Presidential Aspirant who was not listed to speak in the brochure but obviously forced his way in at the very last minute out of desperation, everyone saw that he has nothing to offer Nigerians. He spent the first half explaining how he was conferred with a honorary “doctorate” tittle  after acquiring Polytechnic education, how he is still a student and went on to reel out the Ten Care programme of Chief Gani Fawehinmi without a single clue of how to achieve any of it, causing the audience to murmur during his boring, lack lustre  presentation.

It was obvious even to the blind that he forced himself into the race, because of what he hopes to get from it in terms of monetary and positional compensation and not because he has anything better to offer Nigerians!

His presidential ambition is the icing of the cake. He is simply out to grab his last chunk, using the Party  before moving on, same way he abandoned the NCP in 2011 even as a serving National General Secretary to Mr Femi Falana, SAN who was then the National Chairman, only to defect to the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) to run for House of Representatives in Kano. He later abandoned the CPC and ran back to the NCP like a prodigal son, after a disgraceful outing.

Accepting Tanko back into the NCP, allowing him to retain his number two seat and letting him become the National Chairman a year after he defectedly abandoned the Party is the greatest undoing of the NCP, for a leopard does not change its skin. In deed, he has acted true to type!


We hereby call on members of the NCP to rise up and defend the legacy of Chief Gani Fawehinmi by showing the duo of Tanko and Akele the way out of the Party, for as long as they both remain in the leadership of the Party, nothing good will come out of the NCP.

If they choose to write another lie-ladden rejoinder to this write-up, then we shall have no option than to proceed to tender documentary evidences, such as the financial dealings of Tanko as the National Chairman of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (I-PAC) in the last administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and many more!

It would have been better if Tanko and Akele  had not written that distorting, misinforming rejoinder as all of these dirty details about their dealings would not have been revealed to members of the public.

We hereby call on members of the NCP to invoke the spirit of Article 4.1.4 of the constitution of the NCP and convene an Extra Ordinary Meeting of the National Congress to birth the provisions of Article 9.8.1 (b) and (c), retrieving thereby the Party from the clutches of Tanko and Akele, so that the labour of Chief Gani Fawehinmi will not be in vain.


Comrade Ayobami Ogedengbe

Director, Media And Publicity

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese Campaign Organisation (TWICO)

8th June, 2018

CC: Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission

CC: Chairman, Inter-Party Advisory Council

CC: DG, Nigeria Intervention Movement

CC: Chairman, Coalition for New Nigeria

CC: Bar Mohammed Fawehinmi

CC: Mr Femi Falana, SAN

CC: Bar Femi Aborishade

CC: Comrade Osagie Obayuwana

CC: Bar Ebun Olu-Adegboruwa

CC: Otunba Dele Momodu

CC: Chief Martins Onovo

CC: All Deputy National Chairmen, NCP

CC: All state chairmen, NCP

CC: All National Officers of NCP

CC: Comrade Bayo Ogunleye

CC: Comrade Tunde Agunbiade

CC: Sahara Reporters

CC: Channels television



CC: Nigerian Television Authority

CC: Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria

CC: Radio Nigeria


CC: Online bloggers

CC: Nigerian Union of Journalists

CC: Civil Liberty Organisation


CC: National Human Rights Commission

CC: The Presidency

CC: Arewa Consultative Forum.

CC: Chairman, Afenifere

CC: Chairman, Ohaneze n’digbo

CC: Chairman, South-South People’s Congress

CC: President, Nigerian Medical Association.

CC: President, Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria.

CC: President, Christian Association of Nigeria

CC: President, Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs

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