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Ikubese marks 52nd birthday by granting poor patients free medical services, fund raise

IkubeseMedical Director, Sckyé Hospitals Ltd. Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has marked his 52nd birthday by offering free medical services to poor patients.

The former presidential aspirant, who is also the convener of the socio-political movement, ‘YesWeFit,” also, called for free donation to help a woman who was delivered of babies by caesarean section.

In a statement, Dr. Ikubese urged the general public, especially his friends, to provide financial assistance to the woman whose husband, he said, had long abandoned her following her pregnancy and hospital bills.

He said thus:


Today is my birthday!

Yeah, I’m 52 today!! Hurray!!!

I know many of you would have liked to send me gifts, cakes etc. But I don’t want any of those!

I have just one birthday wish!

Do it for me and I’ll be eternally grateful!

Do it for me and watch the Lord open the windows of blessings for you!

This woman whose picture you see here was delivered in my hospital a few days ago by Caesarean section at no cost, ditto for the baby food while on admission. But that’s not the issue. According to her, the moment ultrasound scan confirmed that she was carrying a twin, the husband disappeared and has not returned since.

My birthday wish is that you bless her and her twins. Here’s her account details;

Name: Princess Chiamaka Nwosu
Bank: United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account number: 2288347242
Her phone number is: 09161589723

As you do this for me, the Lord will cause men to rise for your sake in your time of need. Unexplainable favour and open doors shall be your portion. For every of your expectations, the Lord will grant you double!

Please, nothing is too small.

God bless you as you help grant my birthday wish.”

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