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Herdsman hacks Ondo woman’s head open, Police release him, say he’s not herdsman

Akure—A 28-year-old mother of two, Florence Godday, escaped death by the whiskers in Igbo Abo community in Akure North area of Ondo State, as a herdsman attacked her with a machete and attempted to rape her in her farm.

Narrating her ordeal to newsmen, Florence said she was working on her farm alone, when she suddenly noticed that a herdsman was on her farm.

Herdsman hacks Ondo woman's head open, Police release him, say he's not herdsman
Herdsman hacks Ondo woman’s head open, Police release him, say he’s not herdsman

According to her, “I decided to fetch some firewood after working on my cassava farm, when I suddenly noticed the herdsman and decided to leave immediately for fear of possible attack.

“I greeted him and he replied. I sought his assistance in putting the firewood on my head and he obliged. But before I could thank him, he attacked me with his cutlass and cut me on the head.

“Before I could question him or know what was happening, he gagged me, tore my clothes and I raised alarm.

“He took to his heels after he noticed that my noise had attracted other farmers around. He ran away with his blood-stained clothes.

“I managed to get to the nearest community, where I was given clothes to wear. I was too tired and weak to walk again, because I had lost so much blood.

“But they helped me to the nearest hospital where I was treated.

“I can’t really explain the motive behind the attack by the herdsman. But he removed all my clothes after he had cut me.”

Her husband

A good Samaritan in the community, according to her “contacted my husband, Thomas Godday, who is a member of the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, and the incident was reported at the Police station.”

Also speaking with newsmen, the husband, Godday, from Delta State, said he mobilised his members to comb the area and also reported the case to the head of Fulani in the area.

Godday said the suspect was arrested and handed over to the Police with his blood-soaked clothes, but expressed shock and disappointment over the release of the suspect.

Godday, who is a commercial driver, called for justice, insisting that the matter should not be swept under the carpet.

Why we released him—Police

Contacted, the Police imagemaker, Femi Joseph, confirmed the arrest of the suspect, adding that he had been granted bail while investigation continues on the matter.

Joseph alleged that the suspect was a “scavenger that met the woman on her farm, and attempted to sexually abuse the woman, injuring her in the process.

“The suspect is not a Fulani man, but speaks Hausa. He is from Langtang in Plateau State, but not a Fulani herdsman as claimed by the people.

“The suspect has been granted bail and asked to come back to the station today (Monday), while investigation is ongoing; he will be charge to court after the investigation.”


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