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Help! Dublin-based Nigerian, Mefor, Seeks €40,000 For Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease

Paul Mefor

A Nigerian woman, Yvonne Agba-Mefor based in Dublin, Ireland, is seeking financial assistance for medical treatment of her husband, Paul Mefor, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for the past 10 years.

Parkinsons, a degenerative sickness, has reduced Mr Mefor’s quality of life considerably, making him unable to function, and the wife, has been carrying the burden alone up until now.

His treatment in Ireland has not stopped the progression of the disease, hence his current quest for alternative, but promising STEM CELL treatment at the SWISS MEDICA XXI CENTURY Medical Facility, in Switzerland.

According to the family, the treatment is estimated to cost about €40,000 and they do not have the money at the moment, hence the request for freewill donation from members of the public. “This is a treatment that would really make a difference in Paul’s life, in his family and friends lives too as we would wish to see him get his life back no matter how little,” said the family.

The wife Yvonne Agba-Mefo, is the daughter of late Prof Pius Chuba Agba, a former lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). Prof Agba, from Ezenifite in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, South East of Nigeria, was one of the pioneer staff of the Mass Communication Department, UNN.

Mrs Yvonne Agba-Mefor

Mr Mefor’s family and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to see if they can raise funds towards this treatment. They will gladly welcome whatever assistance anyone can render no matter how small.

“We welcome every assistance and really, really appreciate it. God bless you all as you do this for Paul. We know it can be done.”

Please find the details of the GoFundMe page/link below. They would really, really appreciate it too if you could share or donate to this GoFundMe with your contacts or on any of your social media handles. It would really mean a lot to them.

Paul Mefor Stem-CELL treatment appeal


Please for €uro make donations to:
Chisome Mefor
There is also an alternative for those who would wish to make their donations in Naira. Below is the account detail:
Naira donations:
Access Bank.
Name – Marcel Ekwueme

All other donations may be made via Paul Mefor’s GOFUNDME appeal link.

Kindly reference all donations: PAUL MEFOR APPEAL, with the full names of the donor. Thanking you for your kind and noble act!

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