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Green Energy accelerates social, economic change in Rivers, Invests in future of Andoni Youths

Green Energy International Limited (GEIL), the Operator of the Otakikpo marginal field in Rivers State awards another 239 post-primary school, 30 undergraduate and 10 Post graduate scholarships to students across its host communities (Ikuru Town, Asuk Ama; Asuma Oyet; Ayama Ekede; Ugama Ekede) and other communities in Andoni LGA of Rivers State.

The Chairman of the Company, Prof. Anthony Adegbulugbe in a stakeholder conference, expressed that the recipients of the scholarship are enrolled in various schools and merited the awards.  

He further stated that the scholarship scheme is a testimony of the Company’s commitment to sustaining and strengthening relationships with its host communities.  The scheme is designed to enhance human capital development as well as provide a qualitative education for the host communities and the rest of Andoni LGA of Rivers State.

This initiative further positions the company as an unwavering partner of the local and State Government in the drive for sustainable economic and social change, especially for young people in the region. In Prof. Anthony Adegbulugbe’s words, “we believe that when you empower a child, you have empowered a community, and then the society at large benefits.’’

It is for this reason that from inception of its operations of the Otakikpo marginal field, Green Energy International Limited (GEIL) has continuously exceeded the expectation of its stakeholders in its responsibility of creating prosperity for the society especially its host communities by addressing poverty and related development deficit. The thrust of the Company’s CSR and Sustainability work is targeted to capacity building, empowerment of communities, socio-economic growth, and environment protection.

Between 2018 to 2021 Green Energy International Limited extended its support to human capacity development through our scholarship scheme called “Green Energy Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Programme”.

Since the launch of the programme in 2018, the Company has awarded over 750 scholarships for post primary, undergraduate, and post-graduate students in Nigerian secondary schools and universities, through a competitive selection of Andoni-targeted applicants. In addition, the Company has taken a keen interest in ensuring that the scholarship programmes cover key professional disciplines of preponderant area of study. 

This underscores GEIL’s particular emphasis on arming its host communities’ youth with training in technological, scientific, engineering, administrative, law, digital, and industrial development professions-skill set that would be in highest demand in the global market with vehement capabilities and innovations.

GEIL has a long history of supporting our host communities through our ‘Back to School initiatives’ and ‘Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship programme’, that reflects on the company’s purpose of changing the trajectory of the families and communities. 

This effective partnership with its host communities has led to a significant progress in promoting education and fostering a culture of innovation through academic scholarships, book donations and other outreach activities. The company has invested over ₦250million towards scholarship schemes for primary, secondary, and tertiary studies

In furtherance of its commitments to its host communities, the Company has also continued to make some investment in the broader areas of education, in alignment with the UN sustainable development goals.

 In 2021, Green Energy expanded its social investment footprint by addressing poverty and related development deficit through the empowerment and provision basic socio-economic amenities in target host communities.  These include the financial empowerment of up to 100 entrepreneurs, support for auxiliary teachers, renovation of health center, civic centers, construction of water and sanitary facilities, town hall, bridges, provision of educational materials and support of ICT facilities and a lot of other sustainable development initiatives.

Prof. Anthony Adegbulugbe concluded his remarks by emphasizing that the Green Energy International Limited clearly sets the pace for other E&P Companies in the area on host community relationship. He believes that the Company is uniquely positioned to support key policy framework of the Government that is targeted at driving sustainable development outcomes for communities, by providing direct social and economic benefits from petroleum operations

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