Sanwo-OluGovernor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos has commended Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State for the ingenuity of starting EdoBEST, while describing the programme as a model for across-the-board basic education reform.

EdoBEST is a flagship basic education reform programme of the Governor Godwin led administration launched in April 2018 to address challenges facing the school system. 

“I usually concede and acknowledge Governor Obaseki because I copied something from him,” Governor Sanwo-Olu said at the recently concluded Ekiti State Fountain Summit while speaking about EdoBEST.

“You know he brought the initiative and we said, we also need to start with basic education, but you know what our strengths are,” the Lagos Governor said.

Lagos State officially launched EKOEXCEL in January 2020 to replicate the success of EdoBEST in Lagos. EdoBEST and EKOEXCEL have seen to it that teachers are upskilled, technology is deployed to schools and the learning process is better managed.  

With programmes like EdoBEST and EKOEXCEL, “pupils can have the same curriculum. And so, they can have the same quality in terms of input and the expected output,” Governor Sanwo-Olu said. In the last three years, EdoBEST has been commended for improvement in literacy and numeracy skills among pupils in Edo State.

The Governor of Lagos noted that “we’ve copied that [EdoBEST] from Edo and it is working well in Lagos and we will scale it up.

At present over 650,000 pupils in Lagos and Edo States are being educated using a similar methodology.

“We believe that Edo State can set a great example for other states in Nigeria and even other countries. That is why Edo is part of the World Bank/UNICEF Accelerator Program,” Jaime Saavedra, Director, World Bank Education said at the third anniversary of EdoBEST.

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