Prof. Alexia Thomas
Prof. Alexia Thomas

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Clinic Of the Orthodox School of Thought ( finally Unveil the Result of their Research a Glumatic Solution for the Cure of Corona Virus.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is a Metaphysician and Orthodorian; The Glumatic Solution Pilot Scheme is rolled out for Pharma Companies and Science to embrace the Remedy known as the “GLUMATIC SOLUTION”, A Record Breaking. Her Knowledgeable affirms the Corona Virus is caused from the Carbon Monoxide that fumes from the Gun Powder floating in the Air as Radioactive Wave.

The Medicines to cure Infected Patients who are infected Corona Virus Pandemic is the Glumatic Solution, simply the use of (i) Glucose and (ii) Inhalers used by Asthmatic Patients and not Ventilators; Once the Solution is administered it clears the Symptom within 72 Hours and on for Critical Condition the Patients Recover with 7 Days.

Administering Glumatic Solution to a Corona Virus Patient, “Whenever the Patient is being stressed out or losing consciousness the Glucose is diluted in the Water and taken as a Drink while the Inhaler is used when the Patient feels the lack of Breath.

Medicines to save Human life is not a Sector for Capitalist Investment. Science in pretense to crave for Cure, Vaccine or Medicine magnified their Research for lies to Profit resulting to Deaths in En-Mass.
Corona Virus the invisible Killer of Humans is a Lice amidst them, yet they have no Answer to resolving the Pandemic and yet the Answers are in the shadows of their Research.

Corona Virus Is Savagery Hunt On Mankind; Corona Virus Will Bring The Beauty Of Human Unity, Human Oneness, And Human Love. The World Is Reforming Itself For The Will Of Salvation Is The Purposefulness Of A New Redirection For Humanity To Be In Conglomerate Welcome To Magnetize The Union Of A Determined Goal For Humans To Be A Common Factor Among Themselves Debarring Them From Self-Destruction – By Her Knowledgeable Prof. Alexia Thomas

Corona Virus is a War the Relationship of Class War to suppress the Race War for Humanity now turn apart for fear of the Dread of Death; Anyone who adopts this Methodology must give Credit to the “Inventor Of Glumatic Solution Her Knowledgeable Prof. Alexia Thomas” or they be Ready to Die the Death Of Shame within 7 Days; The Government, States, Countries and Citizens must not be in Denial.

Human Science died since the advent of Chemical Science; “Humans Have Been Mentally Unwell Since The Advent Of The Gun Powder In 800 AD The Chinese And Indians Discovered The Gun Powder Used First Time Ever In History Of The World To Fight Enemies And Since Gun Powder Invention, Men Fell Out Of Track Of Nobility And Their Mind Fears No Retribution”.

Humans sorted their own destruction by the Evolution of Chemical Science to amass Wealth of other Nations; German’s crave for World Power led Americans challenging the Quest for Superiority. Over Hundred years Humans have been at War with themselves of Chemical Invasion, Atomic Bombs, Missiles, Chemical Gas and various Biological Weapons.

Government, Researcher, Medics, Science, All and Sundry must share this Article to Save Lives.
Anyone who adopts Glumatic Solution should make Donation to Her Knowledgeable Trust (HKT) using the Link:

Signed: Her Knowledgeable Press Office (31/03/2020)
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