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GEIL creates pipeline of future leaders, invests in world class MBA programs

Green Energy International Ltd (GEIL) the Operator of the Otakikpo Marginal Field in OML-11, commences the training of future leaders by sponsoring her GMs and Managers to top MBAs globally. GEIL, like most successful companies, has a clear interest in preparing future leaders who will champion the visions of its pioneers and founders.

It is for this reasons that the Company has dedicated significant amount of time and resources to identifying the right individuals to step into leadership positions when the time comes.  These are part of the succession plan for the company for better business sustainability in line with global best practices.

In furtherance of these objectives, the Company currently is sponsoring four General Managers to world-class MBA programmes at Warwick Business School (WBS), one Manager at Imperial College, and three GMs at Cass Business School all in the United Kingdom. The company confirms additional four GMs and a Manager would start their MBA programme by Q3-2022 with top institutions such as Harvard Business School (HBS), Yale School of Management, and London Business School (LBS) being targeted.

The aims of these MBAs are to help the Company’s future young leaders develop advanced and flexible management skills; improve leadership and people management skills; and ensure the Company’s vision are showcased globally.

The program also affords the managers the opportunities to network and create connections or partnerships for GEIL and her people; manage difficult situations on behalf of the company; keep GEIL’s finances healthy; promote and maintain GEIL’s positive image; gather, interpret, and create reports based on industry data; and improve GEIL’s employee retention.

GEIL’s Chairman, Professor Anthony Adegbulugbe, while addressing the GMs and Managers stated he is a believer in youth leadership as their zeal and agility put them at advantage in driving the Company’s vision. 

He unveiled the Company’s succession planning strategy which is tailored to ensure the company always has the right leaders in place should a change happen quickly. He confirmed his unwavering belief that failing to create an orderly plan for succession could make it difficult for his company to adapt immediately if a key player leaves the organization.

He further admonished the Company’s leadership that to build an effective talent pipeline, all senior leaders must have a strong command of the entire succession process, keep their finger on the pulse of new social trends and fresh ideas, observe regulatory compliance, and ensure that no stone is left unturned to secure the company’s future. 

He stressed that it is by nurturing existing employees who are already familiar with the organization’s operations and inner workings, that GEIL can meet the demands of succession and ensure that future leaders remain within the walls of the Company.

Professor Anthony Adegbulugbe in his final remarks encouraged the participants in the program to take the opportunities offered by the Company seriously to justify the fact that truly the youths have what it takes to be future leaders or Organizations and the Country. 

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