As the season of letter writing continues, former Senate President, Ameh Ebute has joined the fray as he disagrees with the former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the latter’s letter criticising President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

The former Senate President, in a letter addressed to Chief Obasanjo title, “Re: The Way Out: A Clarion Call For Coaliation For Nigeria Movement”, criticised him for resorting to letter writing to his predecessors rather than seeking audience with them.

Senator Ameh Ebute
Senator Ameh Ebute

The former Senator who briefed journalists in Abuja on Tuesday on the content of his letter said he had cautioned Obasanjo when he (Obasanjo) wrote a similar letter to former President Jonathan that it was not in the interest of the unity and peace of the nation to do so.

Also condemning Obasanjo’s recent letter to Buhari, the former Senate President said, “In the current instance too, you have reeled out a torrent of subsisting problems and perceived deficiencies of the Buhari Presidency and in utmost contempt for the office and personality of President Buhari.”

Senator Ebute maintained that the new found love of the former President was rather exacerbating series of national problems which he (Obasanjo) failed to tackle in his 8 years reign.

“The issues of poverty, insecurity, poor economic management as trumpeted in your letter have existed with Nigeria and aggravated under your reign as President. Precisely, poverty, hunger and disease are cardinal components of the Millennium Development Goals, (MDGs), which you spearheaded the efforts in the “Zero Hunger” initiative.”

He said the former president, however, abandoned the initiative when he wielded power at Aso Rock. He also said that Chief Obasanjo failed to see that the Buhari administration is working with desired results in some areas such as security.

“It is quite funny the failure to acknowledge that the EFCC under Buhari has unprecedentedly recovered looted public funds in assets and cash, trillions of naira never before known to the history of Nigeria’s anti-graft war.”

“The seeds of Boko Haram insurgency was sown under your administration in Borno and exploded, soon after you were forced to relinquish power after the failure of the infamous third term bid.   As clever and astute as you claim in leadership, you had no solution to the puzzle of militancy in the Niger Delta or the communal clashes that plagued most communities in Nigeria”.

He urged Obasanjo to be retrospective in his view adding that no other person would have done better what President Buhari has done considering the state he inherited the nation.

“No former President of Nigeria who knows the poor state of the economy President Buhari inherited in May 2015, would not appreciate the efforts and measures adopted in revamping the economy”, the read noted.

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