Pastor Reno OmokriThe number one bestselling author and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri has urged Christians in Nigeria to disregard a certain prophet advising Christians to stop attending churches.

Recently, a memo by a man who called himself Prophet Seer made the rounds on social media. In the memo, the prophet claimed that love has left the body of Christ in Nigeria.

The prophet thereafter, urged Christians in Nigeria to stop attending churches because Nigerian pastors did not attend the burial of Prophet TB Joshua.

However, in a video, Pastor Omokri described the prophet’s call as ploy by the devil to undermine Nigerian Christian’s faith.

He said thus:

“Recently, my staff brought to my attention a memo that is trending and has gone viral by a certain man of god called Prophet Seer, I think something like that.

I have never heard of him up until today and what he has said in his memo is that love has left the body of Christ; and that there is basically no need going to church and that the devil is in-charge.

He is basically discouraging people from going to church all because he said that men of god did not attend the funeral of a certain prophet. Now, this is a satanic attack on the body of Christ because what it does is that it just wants to undermine your faith and prevent you from attending church.

It undermines your faith in scripture, in Christ and then make you not want to cooperate with your church and make you feel that your pastors are not people of God, not honourable men.

You see, in scripture, we understand that births, marriages and deaths are strictly family affairs. I know today, its very common for people to be led by trends and led by fashion but go, get your prnciples from scripture.

You see, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all called Abrahamic faith because Abraham is the common denominator of all these faiths and If you read Genesis 25: 9, when Abraham died, he was buried strictly by his family without friends. You move on, you talk about Judaism.

Judaism was founded by a man called Moses and when Moses died, read at Deuteronomy 34: 6, he was buried, just one verse talked about where he was buried. He was buried by God and nobody knows even where he was buried till today.

If you go further down, you talk about the man after Gods heart. You talk about David. David was a man after God’s heart but how was he buried? Look at his burial. 1 King 2: 10. It says, David died and was buried in the city of David full stop. There wasn’t a lot of fanfare, ceremony because in the scripture realm and in scripture, there is not much emphasis placed on the body.

Christ said so in John 6: 63 that it is the spirit that gives life. The flesh profits nothing. Christ Himself did that. Then, if you read scriptures very well, you will know that Christ and John the Baptist were related.

Most likely they were cousins. The scripture did not tell us the kind of relationship they had but what we know is that it said that Mary the mother of Christ and Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist were related. So, most likely (Christ and John) were cousins.

But if you read Mathew 14: 12, when John the Baptist was killed by the Herod Antipas, his disciples came and took his body and buried him. Christ was aware but he did not attend his funeral. As a matter of fact, he just went away on a retreat.

So you see, death is a family affair. Burial is a family affair. I know now, the people of the world want to gather and spend a lot of money and do ceremonies. That’s not how it was in the scriptures. People died in the scriptures and they were buried the same day. Very few people like Joseph, and one of two instances involving others that were not buried the same day because of some circumstances but in scripture, people were buried the same day.

So, don’t allow anybody undermine your faith. There is a lot of love with the body of Christ in Nigeria. Men of God, people like Bishop David Oyedepo, are doing a lot of charitable work.

I don’t want to talk about my work because its not right but there are men of God, Pastor Adeboye and his ministry, they are doing a lot of phenomenal charity work; there is a lot of love, helping people both Moslems and Christians in the north where you have challenges.

So, don’t stop believing in scripture; don’t stop attending churches and don’t stop corroborating with your pastors because of one – we don’t even know if he is a real person- memo wrote,” he concluded.

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