… Calls for review of Covid-19 cases, combatting measures

Dr Thomas-Wilson IkubeseFormer presidential Aspirant and Convener, YesWeFit Revolutionary Movement, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, has raise the alarm over the surge in the cases of Corona Virus in Ondo state, urging that the current measures put in place to prevent the continued spread and fatalities of the pandemic in the state be reviewed.

In a letter to the Ondo state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, Dr. Ikubese said while the state has continued to lose prominent doctors and health professionals in the private hospitals to the pandemic, it is equally gradually becoming the hot bed of the pandemic cases in Nigeria.

He also urged the Governor to convene a meeting with the medical association in the state resolve the demands the demands for which doctors in the public hospitals downed tools. The former presidential Aspirant also urged the Governor to cite at least one Infectious Disease Hospital in each of the three Senatorial districts in the state.

According to him, “Your Excellency, it has become expedient that I write you this letter.

I shall be brief and straight to the point.

Ondo state had very few cases of confirmed Covid-19 until the lockdown was eased a few days ago with places of worship opened while   people went about their daily activities as if Ondo state is immuned from the virus.

As at today, Ondo state is gradually edging to becoming the Covid-19 hot bed in Nigeria.

Two days ago, of the newly confirmed cases, Ondo state came tops on the table, second only to Lagos state.

Last week, we lost the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Dr Wahab Adegbenro, to this ravaging pandemic.

Just this morning, again we lost one of our senior medical dignitaries and former Ondo State Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr Matthew Adeyeri to Covid-19, as several Senior Doctors, Nurses and Laboratory Scientists in the state are currently in isolation.

The most unfortunate aspect of this development is that Medical Doctors in the employment of Ondo state government are currently on strike as government hospitals are no longer attending to patients.

Even the doctors at the hitherto very busy and critical Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) have recently down tools, citing non-provision of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs), non-payment of the Covid-19 allowance, non-payment of the agreed minimum wage, non-provision of Insurance for the front line workers among others.

The 12-bedded Infectious Disease Hospital in Akure has since been overstretched by several Covid-19 cases.

Your Excellency, it has become expedient for you to call an urgent stakeholders’ meeting to review the current Covid-19 pandemic in the state as this current measures are obviously not working.

Convening an urgent meeting with the leadership of the Ondo State Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association, resolving the knotty issues raised as to getting the doctors to resume back to their duties urgently is of utmost importance at this time, to avert even greater calamities ahead.

Urgently citing one Infectious Disease Hospital in each of the three Senatorial districts of Ondo state will be needed at this time, instead of conveying patients to Akure from every nook and cranny of the state.

Your Excellency, as a politician, expectedly winning the election for your second term in office is top on your agenda at the moment. Yet, I appeal that this should not relegate your commitment to winning the war against Covid-19, which is currently ravaging the state.

Many other relatively unknown and probably undocumented persons are dying of Covid-19 in the state. It only becomes news, if the dead person is in the upper social class.

While I commiserate with the families of my departed colleagues, I humbly appeal to you to act quickly on the content of this letter to avert more calamities, that history be kind to you.”

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