An Abuja based eatery, Cockerel Fast Foods and Beverages; and Corporate Kickers Sports Club (CKSC) a recreational football club, on Monday commenced the donation of packaged cooked food to children in Internally Displaced Camp at Durumi, Abuja for the lockdown period.

The Chief Operating Officer of Cockerel, Area1, Mr Kingsley Obokhare, while handling over the packaged cooked rice and chicken to the leader of the IDP Camp in Durumi, said it was part of the coporate body’s contributions as palliative measures to alleviate the effects of Corona Virus lockdown on the IDP residents for the next two weeks.

Obokhare pledged that they would, on daily basis bring not less than 200 packs of the packaged cooked meals to the children in the camp for the next two weeks.

He said the plan was to on daily basis provide 500 packs which cost N500 each, but due to fund challenge they could only be able to offer 200 to 300 packs daily for the period of lockdown.

He, however, said that hopefully with collaboration with other well meaning Nigerians and cooporate entities, more packs could be offered to the IDP residents.

“We intend to do this on daily basis for the period of the lockdown in the FCT.

“We want a situation where well meaning Nigerians will collaborate with us or come individually to help them. We should be our brothers keepers. This is a time that they need our help.”

The Captain of Corporate Kickers Sports Club, Mr Nosa Ihaza, said the gesture was to provide for children in the IDP camps, who may be faced with challenge of feeding during the lockdown period.

Ihaza, represented by Mr Ono Akpe, said the two corporate bodies hope to offer their assistance in the next two to three weeks.

Ihaza  urged Nigerians to come to the aid of the children and women in IDP camps during the period of lockdown.

“Fellow Nigerians we appeal to you to join us to provide for the less previlleged who have nothing or not enough to eat at this moment,” Ihaza said.

The women leader of the IDP, Mrs Liatu Ayuba, appreciated the gesture saying it is God that touched their hearts to remember them at the critical time when COVID-19 has caused lockdown everywhere.

Ayuba said hunger was a critical challenge in the camp, especially now they were directed not to go out of  the camp because of the outbreak of corona virus.

“It was God that send you to bring food for us. We will continue to pray for you. You can see plenty women and children here. Some of us eat just once in a day, because we cannot go to the market or do anything again but stay in the camp.

Ayuba urged Nigerians and government to look into their helpless situation by providing them with hand sanitizers and materials to protect themselves from COVID-19.

“They say we should stay in the camp. There is no food and hand sanitizer to protect ourself.

“Yesterday, someone try to sell us the nose masks and hand sanitizer. One packet of nose mask was N15,000 and a five liter of hand sanitizer was 5,000 ! Haba !!

“We want the voice of the voiceless to help us in this helpless situation because even in our houses there is no light and no ventilation.”

The Camp Chairman, Ibrahim Amodu, said they could not afford their daily living anymore  because they were not allowed to go out to work.

Amodu said that they need help of Nigerians as the camp residents could not afford hand sanitizers and noise masks but they need help urgently.

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