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Conflict over Jerusalem takes bombing dimension as Israeli jets hit Hamas posts in Gaza

Israeli war jets used air-to-surface missiles to strike two Hamas military posts in the northern Gaza Strip early Monday in retaliation for an earlier rocket strike from Gaza, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) said.

Israeli air raid in Gaza
Israeli air raid in Gaza

The air strikes in the costal enclave were in response to rocket attacks on Sunday night that were launched from Gaza into southern Israel, the IDF said via its offical Twitter.

“The IDF holds the Hamas terror organization accountable for this hostile act originating from Gaza,” the IDF tweeted.

The missiles hit their targets and caused severe damage, security sources said, but there were no injuries, according to medical sources. Heavy explosions were heard across the territory, as well as the buzzing of drones and war planes were heard as well, Gaza City residents told dpa.

The Times of Israel reported severe damages but no injuries after rockets thought to have been launched from Gaza hit two Israeli houses in southern Israel. No-one has claimed responsiblity for the attacks.

Tensions have been high between Israel and the Palestinian Territories since President Donald Trump announced that the United States will recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Eight Palestinians have been killed and more than 2,000 injured in a wave of violence since Trump’s announcement on December 6.


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