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Shocking: Obasanjo Space Centre too broke to make staff ID

Obasanjo Space Centre
The Centre for Satellite Technology Development, one of the centres under the National Space Research and Development Agency (NARSDA) has directed members of its staff to personally fund the production of identity cards.

China tests world’s first solar expressway

Technicians cover the charging points for electric cars
China on Thursday opened a 1-km section of the world’s first solar expressway for testing.

China shuts 13,000 websites, blocks 10m users

China’s young people surf the web at Feiyu Cybercafe in Beijing some years ago
China has shut down or revoked the licenses of 13,000 websites it terms ‘illegal’ since 2015 for violating the country’s internet rules, Xinhua reported Sunday.

Nigeria ranks second worst electricity supply nation in 2017

Power, electricity, tariff, NERC, power, Reps, suspend
Nigeria has been ranked as the second worst nation in power supply as power drops to 3,851 megawatts, MW.

How MTN, GLO networks frustrate Nigerian subscribers

MTN and GLO logo
Nigerian subscribers of some mobile networks in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have decried their inability to make calls or browse the internet in the last two days.

Harnessing the power of social media for the social sector

social media
Often adjudged as being responsible for the civil society, the social sector in every country is dedicated to the growth and development of the society and its people. Though a thriving sector in Nigeria, the potentials for the sector remain highly untapped as more resources and opportunities are yet to be exploited.

Eight 2018 trends that’ll impact business, tech & design – Accenture

Analyzing the pressing forces acting internally and externally on organizations and society, Accenture has released Fjord Trends 2018. Its 11th annual report examines seven emergent trends expected to impact business, technology and design in the year ahead.

See smart phones with long battery life

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
A decent battery is the foundation of any smartphone worth its salt. It ensures that you can get the most out of your phone, at any time of the day. More importantly, it’s the underlying factor behind whether or not you can listen to tunes on your device when you’re on your way home after a long day at work. Most phones that go all out with their features, forget to back it up with a big battery. But, there are still ample options in the market that fall within the mid-range or budget segment.

Why Samsung can’t establish plant in Nigeria

Samsung Electronics has said that one of the reasons for not establishing a manufacturing plant in Nigeria is because its market share in the country is not big enough.

Malware attack hits 200 Russian, European targets: cyber firm

Malware attack hits 200 Russian, European targets: cyber firm