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Read why men feel weak, tired after sex?

Originally Answered: Why do men feel tired after sex? Both males and females can get sleepy after sex. They can't help it. It's the chemicals released after orgasm.

How to have fun when all the kids have left home...

Do you feel lost and lonely now that your children have flown the nest? Are you strangely missing the piles of dirty washing and the blaring of music or are you too busy turning a grotty bedroom into a cozy study, where you can relax in the afternoon with refreshments and a magazine? Or, are you thinking of letting part of the house for some easy cash?

Shocking reasons why men hire prostitutes for sex

Shocking reasons men hire prostitutes

Meghan Markle: Untold story of Prince Harry’s bride

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle: Untold story of Prince Harry’s bride

When you never bargained to be single parent – Bunmi...

MUCH as it is still an accepted standard here in Nigeria that the ultimate goal of both male and female in a stable relationship...

Video: When relationships go sour; Unforgivable offences

Love gone sour
Relationships do go sour sometimes. NANTV went to town to sample opinions on offences that will cause a strain between two persons.

When a married lover looks a tempting option!

CHINYERE,34 and a mother of a young daughter is a purchasing manager at a leading department store. She has a good brain, dresses well and, to all outward appearances, is a confident career woman. She has travelled several times abroad for her company that she has learnt to be at ease in first class hotels and enjoy the good things of life. We use her services from time to time and she’s never let me down.

My lover impregnated me, not my husband, wife tells court

A bread seller, Marian Folarin, on Thursday, told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan that it was her lover that impregnated her and not her husband, Kayode Folarin.

My husband Ibrahim is a criminal, serial pickpocket – Wife tells...

“My husband is a criminal, a serial pickpocket; I did not know I am married to a thief,” divorce-seeking woman tells an Ibadan Customary...

Forget Valentine’s Day, it pays to be single: Scientists

Love on Valentine Day
It pays to be single. Spinsters and bachelors should therefore not despair if they do not have loving partners, three days to Valentine’s Day, scientists have said.