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Breaking: Bolivian mother hangs children after taping their goodbyes to dad

A 25-year-old Bolivian woman hanged her three children after making them record goodbye messages to their father on video, police reported Thursday.

U.S. Father, Melvin Harris kills man for following daughter into bathroom

Melvin Harris (L) kills Leon Armstrong (R)
Tragedy has struck in Arizona U.S. after a father decided to “take care of a situation” his own way by killing a man who attempted to enter a bathroom stall where his daughter was.

Congo issues ‘international’ warrant for opposition’s Moise Katumbi

Congo on Thursday issued an “international” arrest warrant for opposition leader Moise Katumbi.

Why we suspended consular services – US

Consular: U.S. Ambassador Stuart Symington
The U.S. Embassy Nigeria says it has temporarily suspended its consular services in Abuja due to reasons beyond its control. The embassy in a statement...

U.S. embassy suspends consular services in Abuja indefinitely

Visa Interview
The U. S. Embassy in Nigeria says it has shut down its visa and consular services section in Abuja until further notice.

Man rapes, kills and eats girlfriend’s dead body

An Indiana man Joseph Oberhansley accused of raping, killing and eating parts of his ex-girlfriend’s dead body
An Indiana man Joseph Oberhansley accused of raping, killing and eating parts of his ex-girlfriend’s dead body is now mentally competent to stand trial, and is ready to tell the court all he knows about the incident, a state psychiatrist says.

China bans burial, seizes coffins

Wailing cries and impassioned tears met bulldozers and angry officials in the Chinese province of Jiangxi as a campaign to phase out burials found...

Gunmen storm government building, take many hostage

Gunmen stormed a government building after multiple explosions in an ongoing attack in Jalalabad on Tuesday that has left at least eight people wounded, the latest in a series of assaults in the eastern Afghan city.

French parliament bans use of phones in schools

French parliament bans use of mobile phones by students while in school because of distractions
The French parliament has approved a far-reaching ban on mobile phones in schools, radio broadcaster Franceinfo reported on Monday following the result of the vote in the National Assembly.

Breaking: Pope accepts resignation of archbishop convicted of child abuse cover-up

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Philip Wilson, an Australian archbishop convicted in May of concealing abuse by a notorious paedophile priest in the 1970s, the Vatican said Monday.