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Suntory excites consumers, unveils Lucozade Cola

Suntory, a global leader in the beverage and food industry, has unveiled its new Lucozade variant, Lucozade Cola.

Breaking: Okonjo-Iweala elected WTO DG

Nigerian former Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Former Nigerian Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has been elected as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization, WTO DG.

Blue Band and Margarine’s Morph into Meaningfulness

Brand revitalization requires finding and satisfying a new, important customer need. Brand success requires being the best at something relevant and differentiated. It means never taking your eye off of changing customer needs.

60th anniversary: Abuja based eatery, Cockerel Fast Foods, hosts party for...

One of Abuja's foremost eateries, Cockerel Fast Foods,will be hosting an Independence Day Party for children of the IDP camp in Durumi Abuja on Thursday, 1st October 2020.

Healthplus clears air on termination of Bukky George’s appointment as CEO,...

The majority of the Board of HealthPlus Limited has cleared air on the recent termination of the appointment of Mrs Bukky George as it's Chief Executive Officer, CEO. In a statement signed by Afsane Jetha and Zachary Fond who are directors in the company confirmed that the termination of Mrs. George's appointment was in line with the terms of agreement governing the company for which the former CEO is a signatory.

Where now is TStv for goodness’ sake?

Not up to a few years ago, Nigerians were told that a certain domestic company was set to roll out Direct To Home satellite television in the Pay TV industry that would rival the services of frontline Pay TV companies and deliver on certain demands that Nigerians were making at the time and even until this day but we will come back to those demands shortly.

TSTV Africa employs 100 staff despite global COVID-19 setback

TStv Africa, a Nigerian direct to Home Pay TV operator, has offered employment to over 100 job seekers this year alone in anticipation of beginning operations according to a reliable source close to the company.

Health, safety remain core of our business – Expand Global

File: Hospital empty as health workers embark on strike
Expand Global Industries Limited (EGIL) has restated its commitment to the safety of its staff and its environment, as investigations on the fatality on its premises continue. In a recent statement, the Company regretted the unfortunate incidence leading to the death of one of its third party staff and promised to work with the police and the family at this difficult period.

Breaking: Shoprite closes operations in Nigeria, exits over harsh economic condition

South African Company, Shoprite Holdings Limited, has closed it's business and is set to move out of Nigeria over harsh operational environment.

The legality of GSI directive by CBN

Recently, the central bank came up with a directive which enables any bank (the creditor) to seize or take hold of funds in their customers name (the borrower) even though such funds are resident in another bank (and not the creditors bank) if the creditor bank can prove that the customer obtained loan from it and defaulted in the loan agreement. This CBN directive mandates that all loan agreement will have a clause which will authorize the banks to so act.