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Buhari: “I survived to tell the story” – Fadascanty

By: Rec. Fr. Emeka Asadu

buhariExtraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it – Robertson Davies

At the tribulation of Job, he was given four reports of disasters over the time of one day. His sheep, servants, and ten children all died to the thieving Saddeans and Chadeans plus natural disasters. However at each instance of that disaster, someone escaped unharmed to tell the story. I too have escaped Buhari’s guillotine to tell the story.

It was 3 o’ clock on Monday morning of 29th May, 2023 , when I was awakened by the unnerving wailing of the ferocious winds. I thought it was just another normal stormy day but calculated from the facts and its usual correspondecy that it was a day slated for the death of the most awful regime ever. It was therefore accurate to say that ‘heaven wailed’.

I behold the silence of a vanished country.
I see the devastation.
I am overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

My hearts is hushed.
My mind numb.
Nigeria my country 👏🏻

More than thousands of people lost their homes, livelihood and properties. Most of all, Buhari government displaced millions and claimed thousands of lives including livestocks. It was an administration without a peace interlude and a tragedy without any bit of comedy for the wise. Thank God, I survived to tell the story.
I survived #Endsars bloodbath to tell the story.

I survived currency scarcity to tell the story.

As Nigerians salivated and waited patiently for the end of the 8 yrs Badluck, we spent our energies building the Ark of salvation before the storm of obliteration.

The saboteurs and talibans truncated our unanimous backlash against ill-government of our country at polling boot to a wreck in their rigging boot. Many died at the announcement of that result but I survived to tell the story.

My fellow Nigerians, once my father said to me “There is always an opportunity in every calamity”, and this statement resonated with me during the harshest times of my life.

In Winston Churchill’s words, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”. This is a wakeup address to the downcast. It is words of hope for a better Nigeria.

We have gone miles afar from Egypt and almost in Cannan. The results of Joshua and Caleb is the most appropriate, the land of Canaan (Nigeria) floweth with milk and honey,” (Num. 13:27). Remember, the promises of God is for the remnants of Isreal. We are the remnants.

We shall escape Tinubu to tell the story again at last in Jesus name, Amen.

I hope for a future Leader that will look forward to a future that will not deprive us of the wonderful things in our country, a future that is not filled with experiences of running away from herdsmen and kidnappers;

a future growing up with family and friends filled with love will be be our desire, a future so bright and far from administrative calamities, a future where Nigerians could play and practice their advocacies, a future where health, safety and education are consistent and within reach;

a future where food, fuel and security is abundant, a future where our children enjoy and value their basic right to a safe, clean and healthy environment in Jesus name, Amen.

I am sure, God is not sleeping.
Longlive Nigeria
Happy survivorship my people.
Prayn4U: Fadascanty (survivor)

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