“Do you know that the first Nigerian flag had what you can describe as Illuminati symbol?”

The video documentary tells the history of how Nigeria came to be one country. It tells the many wars fought, the trade boom, the slavery and the colonisation that took place in Nigeria.

Most essentially, it tells the history of a country with diverse cultures, amalgamated to form a united people with brighter future.


It tells the story of civilisation in the largest African nation, a nation that became the dinosaurs of all foreign eyes whose interests and actions brought both misery and fame to the Black race.

The video tells of the gallantry of our forefathers in warding of external forces- foreigners, particularly forces from Europeans who, well, still managed to colonise Nigeria with the use of barrel, diplomacy, religion and trade.

It tells the story of the survival of a people, a country through agriculture, trade, culture and religion.

This is a must watch video for every Nigerian. But remember to leave a comment below after watching this video. Thank you.

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