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BREAKING: Coup in Congo

Coup in Congo, Africa's longest ruling presidents
Coup in Congo. Africa’s longest serving presidents

Another coup in Africa. The military in Congo has taken over government.

This is happening as the president who has ruled for over three decades is in New York.

Congo borders the Central African Republic, where there is a strong Russian presence.

This is making it the latest coup in Africa following the recent coups in Cameroon and Niger.

Here is a list of some Africa’s Longest Serving Presidents;

1. Teodoro Obiang | Equatorial Guinea | 44 years (since 1979)

2. Paul Biya | Cameroon | 41 years (since 1982)

3. Yoweri Museveni | Uganda | 37 years (since 1986)

4. Isaias Afwerki | Eritrea | 30 years (since 1993)

5. Dennis Sassou | Congo | 26 yrs (1997)

6. King Mswati III (36 year rule) – Kingdom of Eswatini

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