Home News Breaking: Adeola of Sahara Reporters quits Sahara TV

Breaking: Adeola of Sahara Reporters quits Sahara TV

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Adeola “Eunice” Oladele Fayehun of Sahara Reporters has quit her job with the medium.

Ex-Sahara Reporters TV Journalist, Adeola “Eunice” Oladele Fayehun quits

Adeola who regularly hosts a satirical news show on YouTube called Keeping It Real with Adeola which is produced and published on the YouTube channel for SaharaTV announced to her viewers and fans that she has quit to continue on her own independently.

Adeola is a Nigerian journalist who specializes in discussing current geopolitical, social and economic issues that affect the daily lives of Africans living on the continent.

She is well known for a controversial 2015 on-street interview where she and fellow Sahara TV journalist and publisher,  Omoyele Sowore, asked Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe about when he would be stepping down from office In 2013. She also interviewed former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on the streets of New York, asking him what he was doing about the then on-going Boko Haram insurgence.

Adeola who said she has quit her job with Sahara Reporters however said that she will continue with her Keeping It Real with Adeola show which she said would be uploaded on her Youtube channel.

After thanking her former boss, Sowore, she solicited for funds to keep the show going.
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