The All Progressive Congress recently released a statement mocking the Peoples Democratic Party and its leaders like former President Goodluck Jonathan, claiming that “A leopard cannot change its spot”.

The man who released the APC statement taunting the PDP that it can’t change its spots is Bolaji Abdullahi, a former PDP member and minister in the PDP administration of President Jonathan.

Pastor Reno Omokri and National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, party, Bolaji Abdullahi
Pastor Reno Omokri and National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, party, Bolaji Abdullahi

The APC spokesman is himself, a living proof of what he says cannot happen. And it is not only him. 50% of APC are likewise proof of that.

But to address the specific charges in Bolaji Abdullahi’s statement claiming the media reported that money was paid to delegates, I remind Bolaji Abdullahi that such unfounded claims were made by an online news media notorious for spurious claims.

That same media has reported that President Muhammadu Buhari is the mastermind of the recall, reinstatement and double promotion of Abdulrasheed Maina, the notorious alleged pension thief dismissed and declared wanted by the PDP administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. That same New York based media also reported that President Muhammad Buhari’s chief of staff received a bribe of 500 million Naira from a major Nigerian corporation.

That same media reported that President Buhari colluded with the GMD of the NNPC over the $25 billion contracts that did not follow due process. That same media reported that money was paid to delegates to vote for President Buhari against Atiku Abubakar using public funds during the last APC Presidential primary.

So, if Bolaji Abdullahi accepts that this media’s story is true in this instance, does he also accept that their stories were true when they reported negatively against President Buhari and his cronies?

It is a pity that Bolaji Abdullahi calls the PDP a regional party. It is not the PDP or any of its members that said “The constituents who gave me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated on some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%.”

Perhaps Bolaji Abdullahi is missing the PDP, his original home and mistaking it for the APC.

While unsuccessful mocking the PDP, may I remind Bolaji Abdullahi that his beloved APC has shifted its midterm non-elective convention, three times this year alone. It originally fixed it for April, then August, later November and now till next year.

Yet, this is a party that is pointing its leprous fingers at the PDP that held its own convention on the date that it said it would hold it.

And finally, it is laughable that Bolaji Abdullahi calls on PDP members that have integrity to join the APC. Is that not the same promise they made to Abdulrasheed Maina when the Attorney General of the Federation visited him in Dubai and discussed his return to Nigeria to help the APC fulfil its change mantra? Are we not witnesses to Maina’s APC campaign posters for Governor of Borno State?

My advice to Bolaji Abdullahi is to appeal to Maina to release some of his pension loot to him so he can pay for courses in media management. He surely needs it.

Reno Omokri (for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan)

Number One Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years: Chibok, 2015 and Other Conspiracies


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