At the height of the IPOB madness on Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB guys were Kanu/Biafran fundamentalists, insulting anyone that had a contrary opinion on the IPOB agitation. Even those who ordinarily were not conceptually averse to the injustices against South Easterners but decried the methodology of Kanu, were attacked and insulted by the IPOB fundamentalists.

IPOB cartoon

I am beginning to see a similar pattern by the Buharists. They are unsparing and vitriolic on any suggestions that tended to go against the president’s chances or suitability in next year’s election. Even fellow moderate Buhari supporters or erstwhile supporters who I thought they should woo and convince, are not left out of this arrogant display of “to hell with you guys “.

Unfortunately, they are not politicians. A politician who needs a vote would do anything to beg for that vote. Even the Bible records that if you lose a sheep, you would leave the rest to look for that lost sheep. Until the eve of an election, a good politician still goes after one vote.

To the Buhari fundamentalists, because most of you are not politicians, you don’t know the damage you do to the brand of Buhari by attacking those who are opposed to him. Your responsibility is to woo them and not attack them. That is a major step in political strategy.

Don’t turn yourselves to IPOB members who, rather than explain their positions, attack and insult people, thereby further alienating those who could have been on their side. Don’t adopt the pugnacious and irreverent posture of one Laurretta Onochie, one misfit in the presidential media team, who believes the more she insults people on the social media, supposedly on behalf of Mr President, the more her day was made.

Help Mr President to get more friends and not more enemies. He has enough opponents and enemies already.

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