…Sporadic shootings reported…

Reports coming from the governorship election ongoing in Bayelsa state alleged that  one “CHIEF AMABEBE IKIBA aka CHIEF OF BOYS has assumed responsibility of the COMMUNITY SECURITY and presently using the POLICEMEN to harass all PDP SUPPORTERS in the COMMUNITY under the guise of SEARCHING for CACHES of WEAPONS and ILLEGAL MILITARY UNIFORMS.

A PDP supporter claimed that “the DPO NEMBE has been fully COMPROMISED.

Bayelsa election: injured voter

Meanwhile, Many were seriously wounded as people ran for safety. Suspected armed thugs in military uniform had attacked Famgbe community. Many are injured. Famgbe is in Yenagoa local government area.

Bayelsa election

The reports claimed that in Nembe, election material for ward 8, 9 & 10 have been hijacked to an unknown location by APC thugs.

The reports say there was sporadic shooting too.

Meanwhile, from BRASS, Reports have it that some APC boys are Escorting the TOWN CRIER in making ANNOUNCEMENT that PDP SUPPORTERS MUST NOT come out and Vote today.
Report confirmed by TWO other Sources.

Report of the Absence of Security Agents in OKOROMA,/TEREKE DORGU EWOAMA TOWN, ( WARD 10) NEMBE LGA is causing serious apprehension, kindly direct SECURITY AGENCIES to these AREAS as there are reports of STRANGE FACES in the Communities.


APC leaders have proclaimed that no PDP supporter should come out of their houses to vote tomorrow or face consequences. 2
Two PDP supporters have already been attacked this evening in Otuasega.

At Yenkwe Town Hall Square, Atisa III, the environment is tensed up over non functioning card readers. The people are agitating and no security presence here. Update time: 11:25am

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