The Caucus leadership of Ekeremor community (ward 8) of Ekeremor Local Government Area, hereby inform the world that there is no voting in ward eight (8) which host thirty five (35) polling units.

Bayelsa election

As early as 7am today, the All Progressive Congress (APC) leaders and thugs stormed the ward collation center and INEC offices to hijack electoral materials and got them into boats manned by operatives of the security agencies and they were taken to unknown destination. All the units are on land, therefore, it is only an ulterior motive that can drive the process of taking electoral materials by boat.

After mid day, confirmed information is that thump printing was taking place in the residences of APC stalwarts. This is clearly a reap of democracy and Disenfranchised the right of the people to vote for a candidate of their choice.

If results are purported to be released anywhere, there can only represent fake results and absolute falsehood. It is the categorical demand of the leadership and teeming supporters of the PDP that the entire ward elections should be cancelled in the interest of democracy.

It is therefore, absolutely necessary for the electoral empire to cancel these results if the are really prepared to conduct free, fair and credible elections.

It is also worthy of note that the Hon. Commissioner of Local Government Administration Hon. Pius Jonah was whisked away by men in military uniform and we are yet to see or hear from him it’s already 4 hours gone

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