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Banishing Sanusi to Nasarawa, violation of his fundamental human rights – Ikubese

Former Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, has condemned the banishement of the now, former Emir of Kano, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, by the Kano state government, describing the act as a violation of Sanusi’s fundamental human rights.

Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, Former presidential aspirant and Convener, YesWeFit Revolutionary Movement
Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, Former presidential aspirant and Convener, YesWeFit Revolutionary Movement

The convener, YesWeFit Revolutionary Movement, in a statement on Friday, said that the “colonial act of banishing dethroned traditional rulers is not in keeping with constitutional democracy.”

He said although he does not subscribe to the confinement of a man of such cerebral acumen as Mallam Sanusi to the monarchical Chambers as a traditional ruler, his arrest and banishment, however, is an act which, according to him, is condemnable even by international laws.

He, nevertheless, said that Mallam Sanusi did not get it all correctly in being very vocal in his condemnation of political abnormalities while he was the traditional ruler, noting that Mallam Sanusi was supposed to always make his criticisms using parables.

While urging the Kano state government to immediately release the ex monarch, Dr. Ikubese also urged Sanusi to seek redress in the embracing arms of the courts if his freedom is still not guaranteed. He equally urged the political class to be receptive to dissent opinions just as he also urged the legislative arm of the government to amend the country’s statutes to free traditional rulers from the gripping control of politicians and also make them accountable.

The statement reads thus: “It was with great shock that Nigerians received the news of the dethronment/banishment of the Emir of Kano, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi by the Kano state government on 9th March 2020.

The Kano state government, in a statement signed by the Secretary to the Kano State Government, Usman Alhaji, had announced the removal of Sanusi.

Among the reasons stated were alleged insubordination, refusal to attend official meetings and breach of Kano Emirate Law.

It is most unfortunate that the Kano emirate will be losing one of the most cerebral monarchs in the history of Nigeria.

Mallam Sanusi, a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria found it difficult to drop his social activism, even after he was coronated Emir in 2014, speaking undiluted truth to power, at the State and Federal levels.

This, no doubt, must have ruffled the feathers of a cross section of the Nothern political class, who feel his wings must be clipped for daring to confront them, in spite of his royal status.

Customarily, a Monarch is expected to be the father to all; the good and bad politicians inclusive, across political divides, being careful not to show his preference or disdain for any particular political block, offering fatherly counsel and rebuking in parables where necessary, rather than openly call political incompetence for what it is.

Mallam Sanusi did not exactly observe these royal restraints, as his passion to see a functional society overrided the traditional milieu, wherein he’s expected to be seen more than he’s heard.

While I commiserate with the deposed Emir, I congratulate him for his current free-man status, which now allows him to express his opinion on any subject matter without the customary monarchical restraints.

I’ve always considered it a waste of human resources, to confine a man like Mallam Sanusi to the palace for the rest of his life, encumbered by all the traditional ropes, moreso wherein our constitution does not particularly apportion any significant role to traditional rulers.

What I however found most shocking, is the arrest and banishment of Mallam Sanusi to a remote village in far away Nasarawa state.

This colonial act of banishing dethroned traditional rulers is not in keeping with constitutional democracy as it’s a clear violation of the fundamental human right of Mallam Sanusi.

I therefore urge the Kano state government to release Mallam Sanusi immediately, so that he can choose his preferred place of abode.

The Inspector General of Police, the Director of DSS and the Commandant General of the Nigerian Securities and Civil Defence Corps should not allow themselves to be used to enforce illegality.

I urge Mallam Sanusi to be in high spirit, as certain doors will need to be shut for some others to be opened!

Unfortunately, If he continues to brood over the throne, he will never see the myriads of doors which will be opened to him in days to come.

If the Kano state government however becomes recalcitrant and refuse to let him go, I urge him to approach the court to enforce his fundamental rights of freedom of Association!

I call on the legislative arm of government to amend our statutes such that our royal fathers will cease to be errand boys to state governors, while definitive constitutional roles are assigned to them as to justify the monthly remuneration they receive.

Finally, I urge our political class to be receptive to criticism and divergent views, rather than seek to humiliate and hunt down persons who call them out for good governance.”

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