…Says party has resorted to violence

Following the recent violent attack on the Agbaji community in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, a group, Kwara Progressive Front, KPF, has accused the All Progressives Congress, APC, of resorting to violence after its failed “O to ge” campaign.

Breaking: APC thugs attack Saraki’s family quarters, PDP members in Kwara

Over 55 cars were destroyed in the attack, leaving two people dead.

The group said the APC in Kwara had made it very clear that this election is between Dr. Bukola Saraki and their various candidates contesting various political offices.

“From their gubernatorial candidate, to the senate and House of Representatives candidates, down to the each and every House of Assembly candidates, all of them seem to have a common opposition candidate in the person of Dr. Bukola Saraki. If you approach any candidate contesting under the APC for any political office in Kwara state and ask about his/her plans if he/she is elected and you’ll be so surprised that they have nothing to offer,” Kwara Progressive Front said in a statement made available to the press.

Speaking further, the group said the “O to ge” campaign is to specifically stoke hatred within the polity “which has proved to be counter-productive because the people do not know their candidates as much as they should.”

“For example, little or nothing is known about Abdulrahman Abdulrazak, the Kwara APC gubernatorial candidate compared to his counterpart in the PDP – Hon. Razak Atunwa. The PDP in Kwara state has taken the time to campaign and sell their various candidates. So while the APC is busy attacking Dr. Bukola Saraki and resorting to violence,  hoping that this will win elections in Kwara, the PDP is busy talking to the people and marketing their candidates.

“As the election draws closer, one thing is clear – the “O TO GE” message has proved unsuccessful and Dr. Bukola Saraki and the Kwara PDP have not been riled by it. Polls taken by various individuals, and political groups have all pointed to the fact that Dr. Bukola Saraki’s base and the Kwara PDP supporters have remained intact. The gap is so huge – The PDP (then APC) polled over 70% of the valid votes cast in 2015, and all the other opposition parties put together polled less than 30%. With these figures, one would expect the opposition to engage more in talking to the people rather than stoking hatred within the polity and attacking the person of Dr. Bukola Saraki who one can safely say is greatly loved by over 70% of the population as we can see from the 2015 election results.

“No matter which side of the political divide you fall, one thing is evident in Kwara State – Dr. Bukola Saraki is greatly loved by the people. Of course, just like any other political figure, he has his enemies and those that do not like him but those are not as much as the people that love him and rally round him. That is why 30% of the electorate cannot shout “O TO GE” enough to silence the loud roar of “KWARA FIRST” and “SAI BUKKY” coming from over 70% of the electorate.

“As the elections draw closer, the APC in Kwara are gradually starting to realize that the “O TO GE” message in itself is not enough to win the hearts of the people, that the “O TO GE” message cannot win election.”

The group further stated that the APC who claim to want to rescue the people of Kwara is in disarray.

“They also have the problem of sharp divisions within the party. Their gubernatorial candidate – Abdulrahman Abdulrazak emerged as a result of some serious permutations within the party. A lot of promises were made, some candidates stepped down because they were promised that their camp would produce the deputy governor.

“The APC in Kwara cannot handle the realities on ground and that is why they are desperate and have resorted to violence to cause panic and commotion within the state. It is common knowledge that violence is in the DNA of the APC but no one would ever think that the APC would bring their violent tendencies into Kwara state: The State of Harmony.

“The APC in Kwara state has turned our dear State of Harmony into a State of Anarchy because of their desperation to seize power by all means. By doing that, the APC has just won the election for PDP and Dr. Bukola Saraki.

“Recall that barely 6 days ago, there was pandemonium at the APC Lagos state rally where several people were shot and robbed of their possessions. Journalists, cameraman and innocent electorates were not spared as APC thugs stormed the venue with guns and other dangerous weapons.”

A Similar event played out in Imo state during the APC rally as various groups clashed with dangerous weapons, causing injuries to so many, and loss of properties.

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