A group, the Integrity Youth Alliance, has called on the general public to disregard the publication by an online medium (Not entitled “Police Promotion Scandal: Leaked Phone Conversation Exposes Buhari’s Chief of Personal Security In Promotion-Solicitation From PSC Chair Mike Okiro” saying such news is completely false and absolute blackmail on the Chairman of Police Service Commission, Sir. Mike Okiro and DCP Abdulkarim Dauda.

Nigerian police
Nigerian police

Reacting to the publications on Thursday in Lagos, the National Coordinator of Integrity Youth Alliance, Kelvin Adegbenga said, after listening to the purported Phone Conversation and the text published by the online medium, that there is nothing linking the Phone Conversation to the acclaimed two parties on phone.

“We have done our forensic investigation and found out that the purported voices on the website of the (online medium) is not that of Sir Mike Okiro and DCP Abdulkarim Dauda; it is purely an information technology devices used to deceive prospective readers,” Adegbenga said.

He further reiterated that the main target of the publications was the Chairman of Police Service Commission, Sir Mike Okiro.

“The main target of the publication is the Chairman of Police Service Commission, Sir Mike Okiro, who has been facing several attacks from Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN), a coalition of 49 civil society organisations and the Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC) as many paragraphs of the news made references to Sir Mike Okiro.”

“The so called phone conversation was not dated and every investigation by our group can authoritatively say the conversation was stage-managed as another means of blackmailing the Chairman of Police Service Commission, Sir Mike Okiro, in vacating office. Because the last paragraph of the news has indicated that and I quote  “Okiro’s PSC board has been dissolved by President Buhari but Okiro refused to quit as chairman of PSC, using his illegitimate stay to perpetrate scams,” Adegbenga concluded.

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