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Aisha Buhari sets twitter abuzz, re-tweets videos of Bruce, Misau criticising FG

By Anthony Ogbonna

First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has again, set the twitter abuzz after making a move that many critics say may be against her husband Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC, party.

Aisha Buhari

Mrs. Buhari who, using her official Twitter handle @aishambuhari on Friday, retweeted some video posts of two Senators who lambasted the Buhari-led Federal Government over its recent appointments and its inability to protect the lives and property of Nigerians, especially in the threat posed by herdsmen who recently killed many people in Benue, Taraba and other parts of the country.

Aisha Buhari re-tweeted a post by Senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce wherein the senator derided the Federal Government for failing to protect the lives of Benue people and other Nigerians from the attacks by herdsmen.

According to Bruce, “Nigeria is becoming a lawless country where there is no consequence for bad behaviour! I’m disgusted to find pregnant women with slit stomachs & unborn babies removed. If these herdsmen are allowed to rampage the way they are, then frankly speaking, they are a terrorist organization.

“People are being killed. We are becoming a barbaric Nation. The Executive should speak today and explain to Nigerians what is happening in this country. We either face this problem or everybody SHUT UP and RESIGN from public office.”

“If the security agencies cannot do their job, then they must be fired. Enough is Enough.”

The First Lady also reposted another tweet by another senator, Isah Misau representing Bauchi Central at the National Assembly.

In the tweets, Senator Missau criticized the Buhari-led federal government’s recent appointment of the Director General of National Intelligence Agency (NIA), arguing that the new NIA boss is not qualified for the position. He alleged that the new NIA boss wrote and failed two exams and as such, is not qualified for the position.

According to him,  “Today, the DG NIA that was just appointed, is he qualified to be there? He’s not qualified. This is the person that failed two exams, we know. He failed two exams and just because he is close to people taking decisions, he was appointed.”

“So many incompetent people are holding so many positions. Fifty per cent of the ministers are not performing. Since the president assumed office he has not taken any decision to move this country. Today we are seeing it and everybody is avoiding it, nobody wants to say anything.”

Recall that Mrs. Buhari had, on several occasions in the past, set the twitter abuzz with her bold steps as she usually says things the way she feels, regardless of whose Ox is gored. For instance, she had taken to her Facebook page last year to respond to a solidarity message from Senator Shehu Sani, who had posted a message on July 6, 2017, alleging that in the president’s absence, that sycophantic prayers for the lion’s recovery had waned.

She had added that, “God has answered the prayers of the weaker animals. The hyenas and the jackals will soon be sent out of the kingdom. We strongly believe in the prayers and support of the weaker animals.”

Note also that Aisha Buhari and Senator Missau had argued an accusation that said she received two Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) from the Inspector General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris.

But the first Lady had put to rest the claim when she replied the senator who had made the allegation that she never received such cars but that she was, in fact, “still using her personal cars.”

Most significant of her earlier move was when, in October 2016, she had warned that Buhari’s government had been hijacked by cabals.

She had also told her husband that her support for him to win the 2019 election rested on his readiness to shakeup his government.

The soft spoken Aisha Buhari had made the statement in a BBC Hausa interview monitored in Kano where she said that Buhari’s government has been hijacked by cabal who are “behind presidential appointments”.
That statement set the media abuzz.

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