Air Peace has asked the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to prevent foreign carriers from operating domestic flights in the country.

According to the Chief Operating Officer, Air Peace, Oluwatoyin Olajide, while speaking in Lagos, allowing foreign carriers to operate domestic flights would have serious negative implications on indigenous carriers in the country. She added that the government needed to stop multiple destinations to foreign carriers.

“Foreign carriers should not be allowed to conduct domestic operations within Nigeria. Government needs to stop multiple destinations to foreign carriers. This is suicidal and injurious to the survival of domestic operators in Nigeria,” she said.

Air Peace airline
Air Peace airline

The Air Peace boss stressed on the need for government to create an enabling environment for indigenous airlines to succeed by putting in place top-notch facilities and equipment, instead of granting licenses to foreign carriers to operate domestically.

Olajide also disclosed that government and regulatory bodies needed to see the airlines as strategic partners in the development of the aviation industry in Nigeria.

She also said it would be in the government’s best interest to support the industry and not destroy it as the industry is a major revenue earner for the country.

“The government and regulatory bodies should see airlines as being their partners in progress. Once this is done, conducting business will be significantly easier and it will go a long way in developing the sector. Once we can have all that in place in the areas of airport infrastructure, right landing aids, right operating environment, then this country will have a very viable aviation sector.  

“It is possible and doable because this is one industry that generates huge revenue for the economy of this country. It is one industry that the government needs to pay attention to. We don’t want to destroy it,” Olajide said.

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