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ADP only credible party Lagosians have to embrace

The Action Democratic Party, ADP, has said that with it’s existence, Lagosians now have a credible party to embrace and be better served.


The party also said that it has come into existence to better utilize the resources of Lagos for the good and better development of the people.

ADP also said that it would ensure a deviation from what it said is the norm in the state where a few set of people short-change the whole populace in terms of development while at the same time, squandering the state’s funds.

In a statement signed by its publicity secretary, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, ADP which gave a brief history of its journey towards clinching power in the state also said that it would remove impunity in Lagos, ensure development and have a transparent government that will be accountable to the electorate. It also said that I would not entertain any form of god-fatherism because it belongs to all Lagosians.

According to the statement, “Lagosians are excited about the formation of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in Lagos State and they are very optimistic about the fortunes of the party in the coming 2019 elections.

This is evident in the joy we see citizens express whenever we visit gatherings or Local Government Areas of the state. It is apparent that Lagosians are totally fed up with the ruling All Progressive Congress that continues to enrich an already rich elite while the masses suffer in abject poverty.

Our party, the Action Democratic Party (ADP) was formally registered in June 2017 by the Independent National Electoral Commission, and ever since, the party has been spreading to every parts of Nigeria and most especially, Lagos.

The residents of the state have now seen a credible alternative that can utilize the massive resources of the state to aggressively develop it.

Our party, guided by social ideals, has made it clear that its formation is to distinctively depart from the old ways of politicking where a microscopic few will continue to short-change millions of other Nigerians while they rob the state in broad daylight.

The ADP, is akin to a corporative society where majority of the citizens will have input on how the state affairs should be run. The ADP will depart from civil rule to a proper democracy where the lives of citizens will be improved through policies and programmes.

Since the party’s launch in Lagos, our membership base continues to grow astronomically. Lagosians are joining in their hundreds of thousands in all the 20 local government areas and the 37 LCDAs on a daily basis.

Our party, ADP will ensure real development in Lagos; we will remove impunity; we will have a transparent government that will be accountable to the electorate and our party shall not entertain godfatherism in our system because the party belongs to all Lagosians.

Our party will allow Lagosians to decide and choose for themselves who they want to lead them and how they want to be led. Our party will not allow imposition or deception disguised as performance while millions continue to wallow in abject poverty. Our promise is that a vote for us, is a  vote to massively develop the state in all its ramifications.

Lagos resources will be used to develop Lagos, our youths will be taken off the streets and be meaningfully engaged while basic infrastructure will be provided.

Eradication of poverty will be our main focus as a party to ease the hardship of the masses in the state. We firmly believe that Lagos can be more than what its current leadership celebrates right now.”

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